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SubjectRe: [PATCH v21 13/13] acpi/arm64: Add SBSA Generic Watchdog support in GTDT driver
On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 01:57:58AM +0800, Fu Wei wrote:
> On 18 March 2017 at 04:01, Mark Rutland <> wrote:
> > On Tue, Feb 07, 2017 at 02:50:15AM +0800, wrote:

> > I've not been able to find where the ACPI spec says that zero is not a
> > valid GSIV. This may simply be an oversight/ambiguity in the spec.
> >
> > Is there any statement to that effect?
> you are right, zero is a valid GSIV, I will delete this check. Thanks

That being the case, how does one describe a watchdog that does not have
an interrupt?

As I mentioned, I think this is an oversight/ambiguity in the spec tat
we should address.

> > My reading of SBSA is that there is one watchdog in the system.
> >
> > Is that not the case?
> do you mean:
> ---------------
> 4.2.4 Watchdogs
> The base server system implements a Generic Watchdog as specified in
> APPENDIX A: Generic Watchdog.
> ---------------
> I am not sure about that if this is saying "we only have one SBSA
> watchdog in a system"
> would you let me know where mention it? Do I miss something?

My reading was that the 'a' above meant a single element. i.e.

The base server system implements _a_ Generic Watchdog as
specified in APPENDIX A: Generic Watchdog.

Subsequently in 4.2.5, it is stated:

In this scenario, the system wakeup timer or generic watchdog is
still required to send its interrupt.

... which only makes sense if there is a single watchdog in the system.

Perhaps this is an oversight in the specification.


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