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5 Feb 2017

 Re: pciehp is broken from 4.10-rc1Yinghai Lu
 Re: [PATCH 5/6] dmaengine: Add Broadcom SBA RAID driverVinod Koul
 [PATCH 4/4] md: fast clone bio in bio_clone_mddev()Ming Lei
 [PATCH 3/4] md/raid1: use bio_clone_slow_mddev_partial in case of ...Ming Lei
 [PATCH 2/4] md: introduce bio_clone_slow_mddev_partial()Ming Lei
 [PATCH 1/4] block: introduce bio_clone_bioset_partial()Ming Lei
[New][PATCH 0/4] md: use bio_clone_fast()Ming Lei
[New][PATCH 0/2] Remove unneeded stddef.h includesStafford Horne
 [PATCH 2/2] staging: vchip_shim: Remove unneeded stddef.h includeStafford Horne
 [PATCH 1/2] libceph: Remove unneeded stddef.h includeStafford Horne
 Re: [PATCH] somedriver: remove the initialization of static pointers.AbdAllah MEZITI
[New]Re: [PATCH v3 08/10] dmaengine: sun6i: allow build on ARM64 platfo ...Vinod Koul
 Re: pciehp is broken from 4.10-rc1Lukas Wunner
[New][PATCH 1/2] drm/rockchip: support mode_valid for crtcMark Yao
 [PATCH 2/2] drm/rockchip: dw_hdmi: check display mode with crtc mo ...Mark Yao
 Re: [PATCH v2] usb: misc: add USB251xB/xBi Hi-Speed Hub Controller ...Greg KH
 Re: [PATCH v3 3/5] drm/rockchip/dsi: remove mode_valid functionMark yao
 Re: [RFC 1/1] shiftfs: uid/gid shifting bind mountAmir Goldstein
[New][PATCH v17 0/7] drm/rockchip: Add CDN DP driverChris Zhong
 [PATCH v17 1/7] drm/rockchip: cdn-dp: add cdn DP support for rk3399Chris Zhong
 [PATCH v17 4/7] drm/rockchip: cdn-dp: do not use drm_helper_hpd_ir ...Chris Zhong
 [PATCH v17 5/7] drm/rockchip: cdn-dp: Move mutex_init to probeChris Zhong
 [PATCH v17 7/7] drm/rockchip: cdn-dp: don't configure hardware in ...Chris Zhong
 [PATCH v17 6/7] drm/rockchip: cdn-dp: retry to check sink countChris Zhong
 [PATCH v17 3/7] drm/rockchip: cdn-dp: Do not run worker while susp ...Chris Zhong
 [PATCH v17 2/7] drm/rockchip: cdn-dp: Load firmware if no monitor ...Chris Zhong
 Re: [PATCH v2] iio: accel: Add driver for the Analog Devices ADXL3 ...Eva Rachel Retuya
 Re: [PATCH v17 0/7] drm/rockchip: Add CDN DP driverMark yao
 Re: [PATCH 5/6] f2fs: add a kernel thread to issue discard command ...Christoph Hellwig
 Re: [PATCH v2] iio: accel: Add driver for the Analog Devices ADXL3 ...Jonathan Cameron
 Re: [lkp-robot] [scsi, block] 0dba1314d4: WARNING:at_fs/sys ...Christoph Hellwig
 Re: [PATCH] iio: adc: handle unknow of_device_id dataJonathan Cameron
 Re: [PATCH v2] PM / Domains: Keep the pd status during system PM p ...Elaine Zhang
 Re: [PATCH v2 1/2] iio: pressure: mpl3115: do not rely on structur ...Jonathan Cameron
 Re: [PATCH v2 2/2] iio: pressure: mpl115: do not rely on structure ...Jonathan Cameron
 Re: [RESEND PATCH 0/1] add multiple clock handling for dwc2 driverHeiko Stuebner
 Re: [PATCH 14/22] ARM: dts: add a devicetree for Raidsonic NAS IB- ...Hans Ulli Kroll
 Re: [PATCH v2 1/5] Documentation: dt: iio: document stm32 adc trig ...Jonathan Cameron
 Re: [PATCH] PM / runtime: Avoid false-positive warnings from might ...Sedat Dilek
 Re: [PATCH v2 4/5] iio: trigger: add support for STM32 EXTI triggersJonathan Cameron
 Re: mm, vmscan: commit makes PAE kernel crash nightly (bisected)Michal Hocko
 Re: [tip:core/debugobjects] debugobjects: Reduce contention on the ...Ingo Molnar
[New][PATCH] sched/fair: Fix the nohz.next_balance update mess Wanpeng Li
 Re: [tip:core/debugobjects] debugobjects: Track number of kmem_cac ...Ingo Molnar
 Re: [PATCH] mm, vmscan: Clear PGDAT_WRITEBACK when zone is balancedMichal Hocko
 Re: [PATCH] mm, vmscan: Clear PGDAT_WRITEBACK when zone is balancedMichal Hocko
 Re: [PATCH 1/3] fork: dynamically allocate cache array for vmapped ...Michal Hocko
 Re: [PATCH 0/6 v3] kvmallocMichal Hocko
 Re: [PATCH v2] iio: 104-quad-8: Add IRQ support for the ACCES 104- ...Jonathan Cameron
[New]drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_gem_gtt.c:2367: error: 'gtt_entry' may b ...kbuild test robot
 Re: Regression on next-20170203 spi/for-next 3f87493930a0f qemu on ...Borislav Petkov
 Re: [PATCH] staging: fbtft: fbtft-bus.c: Fix checkpatch errorGreg KH
 Re: [PATCH] bcm2835-audio: One coding style correction in bcm2835- ...Greg KH
 Re: [PATCH] staging: bcm2835-audio: remove unused macroGreg Kroah-Hartman
 Re: [PATCH] [net-next] net/mlx5e: fix another maybe-uninitialized ...Or Gerlitz
 Re: [RFC PATCH 1/2] mm, vmscan: account the number of isolated pag ...Tetsuo Handa
 [PATCH 2/2] x86/CPU/AMD: Fix Zen SMT topologyBorislav Petkov
[New][PATCH 1/2] x86/CPU/AMD: Bring back Compute Unit IDBorislav Petkov
[New][PATCH v2 0/2] sigaltstack: SS_AUTODISARM fixesStas Sergeev
 [tip:x86/urgent] x86/CPU/AMD: Bring back Compute Unit IDtip-bot for Borislav Petkov
 [tip:x86/urgent] x86/CPU/AMD: Fix Zen SMT topologytip-bot for Yazen Ghannam
 Re: rtlwifi: rtl8192c_common: "BUG: KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds"Dmitry Osipenko
 Re: [PATCH] prctl: implement PR_GET_ENDIAN for all architecturesMatt Turner
[New]fs/xfs/xfs_ondisk.h:96:2: error: call to '__compiletime_assert_96' ...kbuild test robot
 Re: [PATCH v7 2/4] dmaengine: Forward slave device pointer to of_x ...Vinod Koul
 Re: [PATCH] prctl: implement PR_GET_ENDIAN for all architectures"Maciej W. Rozycki"
 Re: [PATCH 1/3] fork: dynamically allocate cache array for vmapped ...Hoeun Ryu
[New][tip:WIP.sched/core 146/151] mm/kasan/report.c:117:26: error: 'ini ...kbuild test robot
 Re: Regression on next-20170203 spi/for-next 3f87493930a0f qemu on ...Mark Brown
 Re: [PATCH] mm: extend zero pages to same element pages for zramMinchan Kim
 Re: [PATCH v2 1/2] net: phy: dp83867: Port mirroring support in th ...Lukasz Majewski
 Re: [PATCH v2 2/5] regulator: core: have regulator_dev_lookup() re ...Mark Brown
[New]arch/mips/vdso/elf.S:1:0: error: '-march=r3900' requires '-mfp32'kbuild test robot
 Re: Regression on next-20170203 spi/for-next 3f87493930a0f qemu on ...Guenter Roeck
[New][PATCH 1/4] iio: chemical: add particle number concentration chann ...Tomasz Duszynski
[New][PATCH 2/4] iio: chemical: add driver for dsm501/ppd42ns particle ...Tomasz Duszynski
[New][PATCH 3/4] of: add vendor prefixes for Samyoung and ShinyeiTomasz Duszynski
[New][PATCH 4/4] iio: chemical: add dsm501 particle sensor driver bindingsTomasz Duszynski
[New][PATCH 1/2] [media] cxusb: Use a dma capable buffer also for readingStefan Brüns
[New][PATCH 2/2] [media] dvb-usb-firmware: don't do DMA on stackStefan Brüns
[New][PATCH v4] zram: extend zero pages to same element pagesMinchan Kim
 Re: [PATCH v3 06/24] ARM: dts: imx6-sabrelite: add OV5642 and OV56 ...Laurent Pinchart
 Re: [PATCH 2/4] iio: chemical: add driver for dsm501/ppd42ns parti ...Peter Meerwald-Stadler
 Re: [PATCH 1/4] iio: chemical: add particle number concentration c ...Peter Meerwald-Stadler
 Re: [PATCH v3 06/24] ARM: dts: imx6-sabrelite: add OV5642 and OV56 ...Laurent Pinchart
 Re: [PATCH v3 12/24] add mux and video interface bridge entity fun ...Laurent Pinchart
 Re: [PATCH v3 06/24] ARM: dts: imx6-sabrelite: add OV5642 and OV56 ...Russell King - ARM Linux
 Re: [PATCH 4/4] refcount: Report failures through CHECK_DATA_CORRU ...Peter Zijlstra
[New][PATCH -next] lightnvm: fix possible memory leak in nvme_nvm_get_l ...Wei Yongjun
 Re: [PATCH v3 13/24] platform: add video-multiplexer subdevice driverLaurent Pinchart
 Re: [PATCH v3 15/24] media: Add userspace header file for i.MXLaurent Pinchart
[New]arch/mips/vdso/gettimeofday.c:1:0: error: '-march=r3900' requires ...kbuild test robot
[New][PATCH -next] drm: mxsfb: fix error return code in mxsfb_load()Wei Yongjun
[New][PATCH -next] drm: mxsfb: Make local symbol mxsfb_funcs staticWei Yongjun
 Re: [PATCH 1/4] iio: chemical: add particle number concentration c ...Tomasz Duszynski
 Re: [PATCH 4/4] regulator: core: make bulk API support optional su ...Mark Brown
 Re: [PATCH 4/5] regulator: core: simplify _regulator_get()Mark Brown
 Re: [PATCH 5/5] regulator: core: lower severity level of message a ...Mark Brown
 [tip:core/debugobjects] debugobjects: Reduce contention on the glo ...tip-bot for Waiman Long
[New][PATCH v3 00/14] mm: page migration enhancement for thpZi Yan
 [PATCH v3 01/14] mm: thp: make __split_huge_pmd_locked visible.Zi Yan
 [PATCH v3 02/14] mm: thp: create new __zap_huge_pmd_locked function.Zi Yan
 [PATCH v3 14/14] mm: memory_hotplug: memory hotremove supports thp ...Zi Yan
 [PATCH v3 13/14] mm: migrate: move_pages() supports thp migrationZi Yan
 [PATCH v3 11/14] mm: hwpoison: soft offline supports thp migrationZi Yan
 [PATCH v3 10/14] mm: soft-dirty: keep soft-dirty bits over thp mig ...Zi Yan
 [PATCH v3 07/14] mm: thp: introduce CONFIG_ARCH_ENABLE_THP_MIGRATIONZi Yan
 [PATCH v3 08/14] mm: thp: enable thp migration in generic pathZi Yan
 [PATCH v3 09/14] mm: thp: check pmd migration entry in common pathZi Yan
 [PATCH v3 12/14] mm: mempolicy: mbind and migrate_pages support th ...Zi Yan
 [PATCH v3 05/14] mm: mempolicy: add queue_pages_node_check()Zi Yan
 [PATCH v3 06/14] mm: thp: introduce separate TTU flag for thp freezingZi Yan
 [PATCH v3 04/14] mm: x86: move _PAGE_SWP_SOFT_DIRTY from bit 7 to ...Zi Yan
 [PATCH v3 03/14] mm: use pmd lock instead of racy checks in zap_pm ...Zi Yan
 Re: [PATCH 2/4] iio: chemical: add driver for dsm501/ppd42ns parti ...Tomasz Duszynski
 [PATCH v6 1/3] ACPI / bus: Export acpi_of_modalias equiv of of_mod ...Dan O'Donovan
 [PATCH v6 2/3] i2c: acpi: Initialize info.type from of_compatibleDan O'Donovan
 [PATCH v6 3/3] spi: acpi: Initialize modalias from of_compatibleDan O'Donovan
 [PATCH v6 0/3] Init device ids from ACPI of_compatibleDan O'Donovan
 [PATCH -next v2] ARM: hisi: fix error return code in hip04_smp_init()Wei Yongjun
[New]Re: [PATCH 1/6] genirq: allow assigning affinity to present but ...Christoph Hellwig
[New]cc1: error: '-march=r3900' requires '-mfp32'kbuild test robot
[New]automatic IRQ affinity for virtio V3Christoph Hellwig
 [PATCH 7/9] blk-mq: provide a default queue mapping for virtio deviceChristoph Hellwig
 [PATCH 5/9] virtio: allow drivers to request IRQ affinity when cre ...Christoph Hellwig
 [PATCH 9/9] virtio_scsi: use virtio IRQ affinityChristoph Hellwig
 [PATCH 8/9] virtio_blk: use virtio IRQ affinityChristoph Hellwig
 [PATCH 6/9] virtio: provide a method to get the IRQ affinity mask ...Christoph Hellwig
 [PATCH 4/9] virtio_pci: simplify MSI-X setupChristoph Hellwig
 [PATCH 3/9] virtio_pci: don't duplicate the msix_enable flag in st ...Christoph Hellwig
 [PATCH 1/9] virtio_pci: remove struct virtio_pci_vq_infoChristoph Hellwig
 [PATCH 2/9] virtio_pci: use shared interrupts for virtqueuesChristoph Hellwig
 Re: rtlwifi: rtl8192c_common: "BUG: KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds"Larry Finger
[New][PATCH] net: intel: igb: use new api ethtool_{get|set}_link_ksettingsPhilippe Reynes
 Re: rtlwifi: rtl8192c_common: "BUG: KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds"Dmitry Osipenko
 Re: [PATCH 1/2] sigaltstack: support SS_AUTODISARM for CONFIG_COMPATAndy Lutomirski
 Re: [v2,2/5] userfaultfd: non-cooperative: add event for memory unmapsGuenter Roeck
 [PATCH v7 0/5] Update LZ4 compressor moduleSven Schmidt
 [PATCH v7 3/5] crypto: Change LZ4 modules to work with new LZ4 mod ...Sven Schmidt
 [PATCH v7 5/5] lib/lz4: Remove back-compat wrappersSven Schmidt
 [PATCH v7 4/5] fs/pstore: fs/squashfs: Change usage of LZ4 to work ...Sven Schmidt
 [PATCH v7 2/5] lib/decompress_unlz4: Change module to work with ne ...Sven Schmidt
 [PATCH v7 1/5] lib: Update LZ4 compressor moduleSven Schmidt
[New][PATCH 3.10 000/319] 3.10.105-stable reviewWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 011/319] crypto: algif_skcipher - Add key check except ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 017/319] crypto: algif_skcipher - Fix race condition i ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 008/319] crypto: shash - Fix has_key settingWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 015/319] crypto: af_alg - Forbid bind(2) when nokey ch ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 001/319] sched/core: Fix a race between try_to_wake_up ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 007/319] crypto: hash - Add crypto_ahash_has_setkeyWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 006/319] crypto: algif_skcipher - Add nokey compatibil ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 020/319] crypto: skcipher - Fix blkcipher walk OOM crashWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 014/319] crypto: algif_skcipher - Remove custom releas ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 022/319] MIPS: KVM: Fix unused variable build warningWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 021/319] crypto: gcm - Fix IV buffer size in crypto_gc ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 002/319] sched/core: Fix an SMP ordering race in try_t ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 013/319] crypto: algif_hash - Remove custom release pa ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 005/319] crypto: af_alg - Add nokey compatibility pathWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 004/319] crypto: af_alg - Disallow bind/setkey/... aft ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 012/319] crypto: af_alg - Allow af_af_alg_release_pare ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 016/319] crypto: algif_hash - Fix race condition in ha ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 010/319] crypto: skcipher - Add crypto_skcipher_has_setkeyWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 003/319] crypto: algif_skcipher - Require setkey befor ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 009/319] crypto: algif_hash - Require setkey before ac ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 019/319] crypto: cryptd - initialize child shash_desc ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 018/319] crypto: algif_skcipher - Load TX SG list afte ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 027/319] KVM: x86: fix wbinvd_dirty_mask use-after-freeWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 041/319] xen/pciback: For XEN_PCI_OP_disable_msi[|x] o ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 248/319] net/mlx4_core: Allow resetting VF admin mac t ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 263/319] sctp: assign assoc_id earlier in __sctp_connectWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 180/319] drm: Reject page_flip for !DRIVER_MODESETWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 298/319] cx231xx: don't return error on successWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 201/319] IB/core: Fix use after free in send_leave fun ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 138/319] zfcp: fix payload trace length for SAN reques ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 191/319] i2c: core: fix NULL pointer dereference under ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 114/319] usb: renesas_usbhs: fix clearing the {BRDY,BE ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 125/319] ALSA: timer: fix NULL pointer dereference in ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 069/319] avr32: fix copy_from_user()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 181/319] drm/radeon: Ensure vblank interrupt is enable ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 210/319] perf symbols: Fixup symbol sizes before picki ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 067/319] powerpc/64: Fix incorrect return value from _ ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 258/319] sctp: validate chunk len before actually using itWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 284/319] drbd: Fix kernel_sendmsg() usage - potential ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 200/319] IB/ipoib: Fix memory corruption in ipoib cm m ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 185/319] Input: ili210x - fix permissions on "calibrat ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 147/319] scsi: arcmsr: Buffer overflow in arcmsr_iop_m ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 276/319] arch: Introduce smp_load_acquire(), smp_store ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 094/319] openrisc: fix copy_from_user()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 131/319] zfcp: fix ELS/GS request&response length for ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 306/319] ACPI / APEI: Fix incorrect return value of gh ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 203/319] IB/mlx4: Fix incorrect MC join state bit-mask ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 060/319] arm64: spinlocks: implement smp_mb__before_sp ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 246/319] brcmfmac: avoid potential stack overflow in b ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 275/319] ipc: remove use of seq_printf return valueWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 309/319] dm flakey: fix reads to be issued if drop_wri ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 102/319] arc: don't leak bits of kernel stack into cor ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 093/319] parisc: fix copy_from_user()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 252/319] can: bcm: fix warning in bcm_connect/proc_reg ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 251/319] netfilter: fix namespace handling in nf_log_p ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 292/319] mmc: block: don't use CMD23 with very old MMC ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 153/319] ext4: reinforce check of i_dtime when clearin ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 121/319] usb: gadget: u_ether: remove interrupt throttlingWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 242/319] iwlwifi: pcie: fix access to scratch bufferWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 304/319] staging: iio: ad5933: avoid uninitialized var ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 202/319] IB/ipoib: Don't allow MC joins during light M ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 297/319] mb86a20s: fix demod settingsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 254/319] net: avoid sk_forward_alloc overflowsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 291/319] mmc: mxs: Initialize the spinlock prior to us ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 159/319] libxfs: clean up _calc_dquots_per_chunkWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 274/319] kernel/fork: fix CLONE_CHILD_CLEARTID regress ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 278/319] kernel: Change ASSIGN_ONCE(val, x) to WRITE_O ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 170/319] NFSD: Using free_conn free connectionWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 087/319] sh: fix copy_from_user()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 265/319] ipv4: use new_gw for redirect neigh lookupWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 152/319] ext4: use __GFP_NOFAIL in ext4_free_blocks()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 228/319] ip6_tunnel: Clear IP6CB in ip6tunnel_xmit()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 123/319] Fix USB CB/CBI storage devices with CONFIG_VM ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 187/319] hwrng: omap - Fix assumption that runtime_get ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 163/319] ubifs: Fix assertion in layout_in_gaps()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 250/319] firewire: net: fix fragmented datagram_size o ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 315/319] ASoC: omap-mcpdm: Fix irq resource handlingWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 106/319] usb: dwc3: gadget: increment request->actual onceWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 281/319] compiler: Allow 1- and 2-byte smp_load_acquir ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 216/319] drivers/vfio: Rework offsetofend()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 307/319] PCI: Handle read-only BARs on AMD CS553x devicesWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 260/319] net: mangle zero checksum in skb_checksum_help()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 245/319] brcmsmac: Initialize power in brcms_c_stf_ss_ ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 249/319] firewire: net: guard against rx buffer overflowsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 316/319] regulator: tps65910: Work around silicon erra ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 215/319] vt: clear selection before resizingWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 127/319] ALSA: timer: fix NULL pointer dereference on ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 280/319] locking: Remove atomicy checks from {READ,WRI ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 277/319] kernel: Provide READ_ONCE and ASSIGN_ONCEWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 059/319] arm64: Define AT_VECTOR_SIZE_ARCH for ARCH_DLINFOWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 182/319] qxl: check for kmap failuresWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 179/319] drm/radeon: fix radeon_move_blit on 32bit systemsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 241/319] ipvs: count pre-established TCP states as activeWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 149/319] scsi: arcmsr: Send SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE command ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 158/319] xfs: fix superblock inprogress checkWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 282/319] ipc/sem.c: fix complex_count vs. simple op raceWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 303/319] hv: do not lose pending heartbeat vmbus packetsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 290/319] PM / sleep: fix device reference leak in test ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 177/319] driver core: Delete an unnecessary check befo ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 226/319] ipv6: dccp: fix out of bound access in dccp_v ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 211/319] perf: Tighten (and fix) the grouping conditionWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 103/319] Fix potential infoleak in older kernelsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 270/319] ipv4: Set skb->protocol properly for local outputWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 111/319] USB: kobil_sct: fix non-atomic allocation in ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 157/319] reiserfs: Unlock superblock before calling re ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 082/319] asm-generic: make get_user() clear the destin ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 314/319] mfd: 88pm80x: Double shifting bug in suspend/ ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 262/319] dccp: fix out of bound access in dccp_v4_err()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 295/319] pstore/ram: Use memcpy_fromio() to save old b ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 209/319] mtd: nand: davinci: Reinitialize the HW ECC e ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 199/319] IB/srpt: Simplify srpt_handle_tsk_mgmt()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 063/319] MIPS: ptrace: Fix regs_return_value for kerne ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 205/319] IB/uverbs: Fix leak of XRC target QPsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 231/319] tcp: fix use after free in tcp_xmit_retransmi ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 218/319] stddef.h: move offsetofend inside #ifndef/#en ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 222/319] ipv6: addrconf: fix dev refcont leak when DAD ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 126/319] ALSA: timer: fix division by zero after SNDRV ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 055/319] ARM: 8618/1: decompressor: reset ttbcr fields ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 079/319] score: fix __get_user/get_userWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 317/319] dm: mark request_queue dead before destroying ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 233/319] tcp: fix overflow in __tcp_retransmit_skb()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 119/319] usb: gadget: function: u_ether: don't starve ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 286/319] tools/vm/slabinfo: fix an unintentional printfWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 269/319] mwifiex: printk() overflow with 32-byte SSIDsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 105/319] coredump: fix unfreezable coredumping taskWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 224/319] ip6_gre: fix flowi6_proto value in ip6gre_xmi ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 256/319] packet: call fanout_release, while UNREGISTER ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 272/319] kaweth: fix firmware downloadWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 311/319] can: dev: fix deadlock reported after bus-offWilly Tarreau
[New][PATCH 3.10 100/319] fix fault_in_multipages_...() on architecture ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 310/319] mm,ksm: fix endless looping in allocating mem ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 195/319] thermal: hwmon: Properly report critical temp ...Willy Tarreau
 Re: [PATCH 3.10 275/319] ipc: remove use of seq_printf return valueJoe Perches
 [PATCH 3.10 143/319] scsi: megaraid_sas: Fix data integrity failur ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 264/319] neigh: check error pointer instead of NULL fo ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 190/319] em28xx-i2c: rt_mutex_trylock() returns zero o ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 296/319] mb86a20s: fix the locking logicWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 283/319] cfq: fix starvation of asynchronous writesWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 192/319] i2c: at91: fix write transfers by clearing pe ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 261/319] dccp: do not send reset to already closed socketsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 162/319] ocfs2: fix start offset to ocfs2_zero_range_f ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 225/319] ipv6: correctly add local routes when lo goes upWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 101/319] fix memory leaks in tracing_buffers_splice_read()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 223/319] ipv6: fix rtnl locking in setsockopt for anyc ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 294/319] pstore/ram: Use memcpy_toio instead of memcpyWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 174/319] fs/super.c: fix race between freeze_super() a ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 247/319] pstore: Fix buffer overflow while write offse ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 206/319] IB/cm: Mark stale CM id's whenever the mad ag ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 268/319] cfg80211: limit scan results cache sizeWilly Tarreau
[New][PATCH v4 1/3] phy: core: Add support for clock and reset to the p ...Alban
 [PATCH 3.10 257/319] net: sctp, forbid negative lengthWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 305/319] mei: bus: fix received data size check in NFC ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH v4 2/3] phy: Add a driver for the ATH79 USB phyAlban
 [PATCH v4 3/3] MIPS: ath79: Fix the USB PHY reset namesAlban
 [PATCH 3.10 285/319] lib/genalloc.c: start search from start of chunkWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 034/319] xen-netback: don't use last request to determ ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 168/319] UBI: fastmap: scrub PEB when bitflips are det ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 230/319] net/irda: handle iriap_register_lsap() alloca ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 238/319] mISDN: Support DR6 indication in mISDNipac driverWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 279/319] kernel: make READ_ONCE() valid on const argumentsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 196/319] cdc-acm: fix wrong pipe type on rx interrupt ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 312/319] hwmon: (adt7411) set bit 3 in CFG1 registerWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 240/319] net: disable fragment reassembly if high_thre ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 204/319] IB/mlx4: Fix create CQ error flowWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 091/319] alpha: fix copy_from_user()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 217/319] include/stddef.h: Move offsetofend() from vfi ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 129/319] ALSA: pcm : Call kill_fasync() in stream lockWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 219/319] ipv6: don't call fib6_run_gc() until routing ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 104/319] swapfile: fix memory corruption via malformed ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 118/319] usb: misc: legousbtower: Fix NULL pointer def ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 130/319] zfcp: fix fc_host port_type with NPIVWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 169/319] NFSv4.x: Fix a refcount leak in nfs_callback_ ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 194/319] iio: accel: kxsd9: Fix scaling bugWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 137/319] zfcp: fix D_ID field with actual value on tra ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 313/319] mpi: Fix NULL ptr dereference in mpi_powm() [ ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 141/319] scsi: mpt3sas: Fix secure erase premature ter ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 026/319] KVM: MIPS: Make ERET handle ERL before EXLWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 271/319] net: sky2: Fix shutdown crashWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 293/319] pstore/core: drop cmpxchg based updatesWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 166/319] ubifs: Abort readdir upon errorWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 175/319] isofs: Do not return EACCES for unknown files ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 183/319] Input: i8042 - break load dependency between ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 108/319] USB: fix typo in wMaxPacketSize validationWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 178/319] driver core: fix race between creating/queryi ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 229/319] ip6_tunnel: disable caching when the traffic ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 136/319] zfcp: restore tracing of handle for port and ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 227/319] ipv6: dccp: add missing bind_conflict to dccp ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 086/319] score: fix copy_from_user() and friendsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 301/319] uio: fix dmem_region_start computationWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 266/319] mac80211: fix purging multicast PS buffer queueWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 070/319] avr32: fix 'undefined reference to `___copy_f ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 213/319] tty: limit terminal size to 4M charsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 173/319] fs/seq_file: fix out-of-bounds readWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 214/319] tty: vt, fix bogus division in csi_JWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 255/319] ipmr, ip6mr: fix scheduling while atomic and ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 075/319] microblaze: fix copy_from_user()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 134/319] zfcp: restore: Dont use 0 to indicate invalid ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 117/319] USB: serial: cp210x: fix hardware flow-contro ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 308/319] tile: avoid using clocksource_cyc2ns with abs ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 155/319] ext4: sanity check the block and cluster size ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 122/319] usb: chipidea: move the lock initialization t ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 273/319] tracing: Move mutex to protect against resett ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 188/319] hwrng: omap - Only fail if pm_runtime_get_syn ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 239/319] mISDN: Fixing missing validation in base_sock ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 288/319] ratelimit: fix bug in time interval by resett ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 049/319] x86/paravirt: Do not trace _paravirt_ident_*( ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 318/319] fbdev/efifb: Fix 16 color palette entry calcu ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 302/319] KEYS: Fix short sprintf buffer in /proc/keys ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 156/319] reiserfs: fix "new_insert_key may be used uni ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 300/319] gpio: mpc8xxx: Correct irq handler functionWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 299/319] cx231xx: fix GPIOs for Pixelview SBTVD hybridWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 164/319] ubifs: Fix xattr_names length in exit pathsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 259/319] net: clear sk_err_soft in sk_clone_lock()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 148/319] scsi: scsi_debug: Fix memory leak if LBP enab ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 076/319] mn10300: failing __get_user() and get_user() ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 235/319] tcp: take care of truncations done by sk_filter()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 172/319] NFSv4: Open state recovery must account for f ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 287/319] rcu: Fix soft lockup for rcu_nocb_kthreadWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 289/319] mfd: core: Fix device reference leak in mfd_c ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 221/319] ipv6: move DAD and addrconf_verify processing ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 319/319] metag: Only define atomic_dec_if_positive con ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 096/319] mn10300: copy_from_user() should zero on acce ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 244/319] brcmsmac: Free packet if dma_mapping_error() ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 068/319] powerpc/nvram: Fix an incorrect partition mergeWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 161/319] ocfs2/dlm: fix race between convert and migrationWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 212/319] tty: Prevent ldisc drivers from re-using stal ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 220/319] ipv6: split duplicate address detection and r ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 142/319] mpt2sas: Fix secure erase premature terminationWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 253/319] net: fix sk_mem_reclaim_partial()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 208/319] mtd: pmcmsp-flash: Allocating too much in ini ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 184/319] Input: i8042 - set up shared ps2_cmd_mutex fo ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 267/319] mac80211: discard multicast and 4-addr A-MSDUsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 151/319] ext4: avoid modifying checksum fields directl ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 198/319] EDAC: Increment correct counter in edac_inc_u ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 237/319] net: ratelimit warnings about dst entry refco ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 050/319] x86/build: Build compressed x86 kernels as PIEWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 234/319] tcp: fix wrong checksum calculation on MTU pr ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 133/319] zfcp: retain trace level for SCSI and HBA FSF ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 032/319] x86/mm/xen: Suppress hugetlbfs in PV guestsWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 165/319] UBIFS: Fix possible memory leak in ubifs_read ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 124/319] ALSA: rawmidi: Fix possible deadlock with vir ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 112/319] USB: serial: mos7720: fix non-atomic allocati ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 081/319] ARC: uaccess: get_user to zero out dest in ca ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 243/319] svc: Avoid garbage replies when pc_func() ret ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 140/319] scsi: zfcp: spin_lock_irqsave() is not nestableWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 046/319] x86/mm: Disable preemption during CR3 read+writeWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 197/319] timers: Use proper base migration in add_time ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 057/319] ARM: sa1111: fix pcmcia suspend/resumeWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 236/319] bonding: Fix bonding crashWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 150/319] ext4: validate that metadata blocks do not ov ...Willy Tarreau
 Re: [PATCH v3 0/2] iov_iter: allow iov_iter_get_pages_alloc to all ...Miklos Szeredi
 [PATCH 3.10 107/319] USB: validate wMaxPacketValue entries in endp ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 232/319] tcp: properly scale window in tcp_v[46]_reqsk ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 145/319] scsi: ibmvfc: Fix I/O hang when port is not m ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 037/319] xen/pciback: Save xen_pci_op commands before ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 207/319] mtd: blkdevs: fix potential deadlock + lockde ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 113/319] USB: serial: mos7840: fix non-atomic allocati ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 048/319] x86/mm/pat, /dev/mem: Remove superfluous erro ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 171/319] NFS: Don't drop CB requests with invalid prin ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 193/319] iio: accel: kxsd9: Fix raw read returnWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 146/319] scsi: Fix use-after-freeWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 189/319] i2c-eg20t: fix race between i2c init and inte ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 135/319] zfcp: trace on request for open and close of ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 120/319] USB: serial: cp210x: fix tiocmget error handlingWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 085/319] blackfin: fix copy_from_user()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 115/319] USB: change bInterval default to 10 msWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 160/319] btrfs: ensure that file descriptor used with ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 186/319] hwrng: exynos - Disable runtime PM on probe f ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 176/319] hostfs: Freeing an ERR_PTR in hostfs_fill_sb_ ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 144/319] scsi: megaraid_sas: fix macro MEGASAS_IS_LOGI ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 132/319] zfcp: close window with unblocked rport durin ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 167/319] ubifs: Fix regression in ubifs_readdir()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 139/319] zfcp: trace full payload of all SAN records ( ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 066/319] powerpc/powernv: Use CPU-endian PEST in pnv_p ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 154/319] ext4: allow DAX writeback for hole punchWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 110/319] USB: serial: fix memleak in driver-registrati ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 116/319] usb: gadget: fsl_qe_udc: signedness bug in qe ...Willy Tarreau
[New][PATCH] MIPS: Allow compressed images to be loaded at the usual ad ...Alban
 [PATCH 3.10 036/319] xen-blkback: only read request operation from ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 062/319] MIPS: Malta: Fix IOCU disable switch read for ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 031/319] ppp: defer netns reference release for ppp ch ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 128/319] ALSA: ali5451: Fix out-of-bound position repo ...Willy Tarreau
 Re: [PATCH 5/5] ARM: dts: sun9i: Initial support for the Sunchip C ...Rask Ingemann Lambertsen
 [PATCH 3.10 058/319] arm64: avoid returning from bad_modeWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 090/319] asm-generic: make copy_from_user() zero the d ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 071/319] avr32: off by one in at32_init_pio()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 099/319] ia64: copy_from_user() should zero the destin ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 109/319] usb: xhci: Fix panic if disconnectWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 065/319] powerpc/vdso64: Use double word compare on po ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 054/319] ARM: 8616/1: dt: Respect property size when p ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 084/319] cris: buggered copy_from_user/copy_to_user/cl ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 073/319] parisc: Ensure consistent state when switchin ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 056/319] ARM: sa1100: clear reset status prior to rebootWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 080/319] s390: get_user() should zero on failureWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 064/319] powerpc/mm: Don't alias user region to other ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 078/319] sh64: failing __get_user() should zeroWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 098/319] ppc32: fix copy_from_user()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 052/319] iommu/amd: Update Alias-DTE in update_device_ ...Willy Tarreau
[New][tip:WIP.sched/core 101/151] arch/mips/sgi-ip32/ip32-berr.c:30:2: ...kbuild test robot
 [PATCH 3.10 089/319] mips: copy_from_user() must zero the destinat ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 072/319] s390/dasd: fix hanging device after clear sub ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 028/319] KVM: x86: fix missed SRCU usage in kvm_lapic_ ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 092/319] metag: copy_from_user() should zero the desti ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 047/319] x86/apic: Do not init irq remapping if ioapic ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 077/319] m32r: fix __get_user()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 038/319] xen/pciback: Return error on XEN_PCI_OP_enabl ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 044/319] x86/xen: fix upper bound of pmd loop in xen_c ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 088/319] hexagon: fix strncpy_from_user() error returnWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 095/319] openrisc: fix the fix of copy_from_user()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 083/319] frv: fix clear_user()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 074/319] microblaze: fix __get_user()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 035/319] xen-netback: use RING_COPY_REQUEST() throughoutWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 053/319] iommu/amd: Free domain id when free a domain ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 033/319] xen: Add RING_COPY_REQUEST()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 039/319] xen/pciback: Return error on XEN_PCI_OP_enabl ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 045/319] x86/traps: Ignore high word of regs->cs in ea ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 097/319] sparc32: fix copy_from_user()Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 042/319] xen/pciback: Don't allow MSI-X ops if PCI_COM ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 051/319] x86/um: reuse asm-generic/barrier.hWilly Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 061/319] arm64: debug: avoid resetting stepping state ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 029/319] KVM: Disable irq while unregistering user not ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 043/319] xen-pciback: Add name prefix to global 'permi ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 040/319] xen/pciback: Do not install an IRQ handler fo ...Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 025/319] KVM: nVMX: postpone VMCS changes on MSR_IA32_ ...Willy Tarreau
[New][PATCH 3.10 030/319] PM / devfreq: Fix incorrect type issue.Willy Tarreau
 [PATCH 3.10 024/319] KVM: MIPS: Drop other CPU ASIDs on guest MMU ...Willy Tarreau
[New][PATCH 3.10 023/319] KVM: MIPS: Precalculate MMIO load resume PCWilly Tarreau
 Re: [PATCH 3.10 275/319] ipc: remove use of seq_printf return valueWilly Tarreau
 Re: [PATCH v16 0/3] USB Type-C Connector classGuenter Roeck
 Re: [PATCH v3 0/2] iov_iter: allow iov_iter_get_pages_alloc to all ...Al Viro
 Re: [PATCH v3 0/2] iov_iter: allow iov_iter_get_pages_alloc to all ...Al Viro
 Re: [PATCH] devicetree: Add video bus switchPavel Machek
 Re: [PATCH v3 0/2] iov_iter: allow iov_iter_get_pages_alloc to all ...Miklos Szeredi
 Re: [v5,3/7] rtc: ac100: Add RTC driver for X-Powers AC100Rask Ingemann Lambertsen
 Re: v4.9 to v4.10 regression: oops when USB cable is plugged in.Pavel Machek
[New][PATCH] tpm xen: drop unneeded chip variableJulia Lawall
 Re: [PATCH v3 0/2] iov_iter: allow iov_iter_get_pages_alloc to all ...Al Viro
 Re: [PATCH] media: Add video bus switchPavel Machek
 Re: linux-next: build failure after merge of the v4l-dvb treeStephen Rothwell
 Re: linux-next: build failure after merge of the v4l-dvb treeMauro Carvalho Chehab
 Re: [PATCH 4/5] drm: convert drivers to use drm_of_find_panel_or_b ...Rob Herring
 Re: [PATCH 1/6] staging: Import the BCM2835 MMAL-based V4L2 camera ...Dave Stevenson
[New]3% Loan OpportunityLOAN COMPANY
 Re: [PATCH] media: Add video bus switchSakari Ailus
 Re: mm, vmscan: commit makes PAE kernel crash nightly (bisected)Trevor Cordes
[New]{standard input}:199: Error: unknown opcodekbuild test robot
[New][PATCH] net: intel: igbvf: use new api ethtool_{get|set}_link_kset ...Philippe Reynes
[New][PATCH] net: intel: ixgb: use new api ethtool_{get|set}_link_ksettingsPhilippe Reynes
 Re: [PATCH 1/6] staging: Import the BCM2835 MMAL-based V4L2 camera ...Michael Zoran
 [PATCH net-next v1 6/7] bpf: Use the bpf_load_program() from the l ...Mickaël Salaün
 [PATCH net-next v1 5/7] bpf: Simplify bpf_load_program() error han ...Mickaël Salaün
[New][PATCH net-next v1 1/7] bpf: Add missing header to the libraryMickaël Salaün
 [PATCH net-next v1 2/7] samples/bpf: Ignore already processed ELF ...Mickaël Salaün
 [PATCH net-next v1 4/7] tools: Sync {,tools/}include/uapi/linux/bpf.hMickaël Salaün
 [PATCH net-next v1 7/7] bpf: Always test unprivileged programsMickaël Salaün
 [PATCH net-next v1 3/7] samples/bpf: Reset global variablesMickaël Salaün
[New]linux-next: manual merge of the arm64 tree with the qcom treeStephen Rothwell
 Re: [PATCH 4/4] refcount: Report failures through CHECK_DATA_CORRU ...Kees Cook
 Re: [PATCH] devicetree: Add video bus switchSebastian Reichel
[New]Linux 4.10-rc7Linus Torvalds
 Re: [PATCH v2 2/5] regulator: core: have regulator_dev_lookup() re ...Mark Brown
 Re: [PATCH 4/5] drm: convert drivers to use drm_of_find_panel_or_b ...Fabio Estevam
 Re: [PATCH] gpio: aspeed: Remove dependence on GPIOF_* macrosAndrew Jeffery
 Re: [RFC 1/1] shiftfs: uid/gid shifting bind mountJames Bottomley
 Re: [PATCH 4/5] drm: convert drivers to use drm_of_find_panel_or_b ...Fabio Estevam
[New]linux-next: build warnings after merge of the crypto treeStephen Rothwell
 Re: [PATCH] mm: extend zero pages to same element pages for zramzhouxianrong
 Re: [RESEND PATCH 0/1] add multiple clock handling for dwc2 driverFrank Wang
 RE: [PATCH] acpica: Fix double-free in acpi_ns_repair_CID()"Zheng, Lv"
[New]linux-next: manual merge of the drm tree with the net-next treeStephen Rothwell
 Re: [lkp-robot] [mm/memblock] cc4a913fa5: WARNING:at_mm/memblock. ...Ye Xiaolong
 Re: [PATCHv7 4/8] printk: always use deferred printk when flush pr ...Sergey Senozhatsky
[New][tip:WIP.sched/core 162/162] arch/arm64/kernel/psci.c:48:50: error ...kbuild test robot
 Re: [PATCHv7 4/8] printk: always use deferred printk when flush pr ...Sergey Senozhatsky
[New][PATCH] tty: pty: don't flush line discipline of another side in p ...Wang YanQing
[New][PATCH V2 0/2] Add support for RK3288 Tinker boardEddie Cai
 [PATCH V2 1/2] dt-bindings: add Asus Tinker boardEddie Cai
 [PATCH V2 2/2] ARM: dts: rockchip: add dts for RK3288-Tinker boardEddie Cai
[New][PATCH] irqchip/gicv3: Fix GICR_WAKE & GICD_IGROUPR accesses from ...Shanker Donthineni
[New]Re: [RESEND PATCH 0/1] add multiple clock handling for dwc2 driverFrank Wang
 Re: [PATCH] tracing/kprobes: fix __init annotationMasami Hiramatsu
[New][PATCH] Staging: speakup: speakup.h - remove unused defineDerek Robson
[New][tip:WIP.sched/core 162/162] include/linux/topology.h:204:9: error ...kbuild test robot
[New][PATCH v1 0/2] clk: rockchip: describe clk_gmac2io and clk_gmac2ph ...Elaine Zhang
 [PATCH v1 2/2] clk: rockchip: describe clk_gmac using the new muxg ...Elaine Zhang
 [PATCH v1 1/2] rockchip: clk: rk3328: add clk_mac2io_ext IDElaine Zhang
 Re: [PATCH] powerpc/mm: fix a hardcode on memory boundary checkingRui Teng
 Re: [PATCH V2 2/2] ARM: dts: rockchip: add dts for RK3288-Tinker boardAndrew Lunn
[New][f2fs] eea944687a: -8% regression of test robot
 Re: [PATCH v3 0/2] iov_iter: allow iov_iter_get_pages_alloc to all ...Al Viro
 Re: [PATCH 3.10 000/319] 3.10.105-stable reviewGuenter Roeck
 Re: [RFC 1/1] shiftfs: uid/gid shifting bind mount"J. R. Okajima"
 [PATCH v4 3/3] i2c: zx2967: add i2c controller driver for ZTE's z ...Baoyou Xie
 [PATCH v4 2/3] MAINTAINERS: add zx2967 i2c controller driver to AR ...Baoyou Xie
[New][PATCH v4 1/3] dt: bindings: add documentation for zx2967 family i ...Baoyou Xie
 Re: [PATCH] pinctrl: sunxi: make sun5i explicitly non-modularChen-Yu Tsai
 Re: [v5,3/7] rtc: ac100: Add RTC driver for X-Powers AC100Chen-Yu Tsai
 Re: [PATCH 3/3] MIPS: BMIPS: enable CPUfreqViresh Kumar
 Re: [PATCH v6 4/4] mm/hotplug: enable memory hotplug for non-lru m ...Naoya Horiguchi
 Re: [PATCH 1/2] DTS: dra7: Replace obsolete "operating-points" pro ...Viresh Kumar
 Re: [PATCH] clk: sunxi-ng: select SUNXI_CCU_MULT for sun5iChen-Yu Tsai
 Re: [PATCH 3/6] async_tx: Handle DMA devices having support for fe ...Anup Patel
[New][PATCH] Staging: iio: addac: adt7316.c - style fix, octal permissionDerek Robson
 Re: [PATCH v3 03/14] mm: use pmd lock instead of racy checks in za ..."Hillf Danton"
 Re: [PATCH v3 03/14] mm: use pmd lock instead of racy checks in za ...Zi Yan
[New]linux-next: build warning after merge of the tty treeStephen Rothwell
[New]linux-next: build failure after merge of the tty treeStephen Rothwell
 Re: [PATCH 4/5] atomic: Introduce atomic_try_cmpxchg()Boqun Feng
[New]tip: demise of tsk_cpus_allowed() and tsk_nr_cpus_allowed()Mike Galbraith
 Re: [PATCH 1/6] mailbox: Add new API mbox_channel_device() for clientsAnup Patel
 Re: [PATCH 4/4] regulator: core: make bulk API support optional su ...Dmitry Torokhov
[New]linux-next: manual merge of the staging tree with the v4l-dvb treeStephen Rothwell
 Re: [PATCH v6 4/4] mm/hotplug: enable memory hotplug for non-lru m ...Yisheng Xie
[New][tip:WIP.sched/core 138/162] arch/mips/kernel/smp-bmips.c:183:22: ...kbuild test robot
[New][PATCH] tpm: fix misspelled "facilitate" in module parameter descr ...Dmitry Torokhov
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