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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] perf, tools: Don't force MetricExprs to lower case
> > > >   perf stat -e cpu/uops_executed.core/ ls
> > > > perf stat -e uops_executed.core ls
> > >
> > > Ok. If it works it's fine for me.
> well it works, but it means that bpf file cannot contains any directory
> part.. which im not sure is ok with bpf folks ;-) anyone?

One way that may work is to

- switch to a new proper syntax for bpf
(like bpf("filename")) that can be parsed properly

- handle simple cases like just that file name in the old syntax
in a pre processing pass of the scanner that converts it.

- users who specify multiple scripts or combine with other events
in the same -e line would need to change their syntax, but I assume that's
relatively rare.


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