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SubjectRe: [PATCH v9 08/12] mm: zero reserved and unavailable struct pages
On Wed 04-10-17 09:28:55, Pasha Tatashin wrote:
> > I am not really familiar with the trim_low_memory_range code path. I am
> > not even sure we have to care about it because nobody should be walking
> > pfns outside of any zone.
> According to commit comments first 4K belongs to BIOS, so I think the memory
> exists but BIOS may or may not report it to Linux. So, reserve it to make
> sure we never touch it.

Yes and that memory should be outside of any zones, no?

> > I am worried that this patch adds a code which
> > is not really used and it will just stay that way for ever because
> > nobody will dare to change it as it is too obscure and not explained
> > very well.
> I could explain mine code better. Perhaps add more comments, and explain
> when it can be removed?

More explanation would be definitely helpful

> > trim_low_memory_range is a good example of this. Why do we
> > even reserve this range from the memory block allocator? The memory
> > shouldn't be backed by any real memory and thus not in the allocator in
> > the first place, no?
> >
> Since it is not enforced in memblock that everything in reserved list must
> be part of memory list, we can have it, and we need to make sure kernel does
> not panic. Otherwise, it is very hard to detect such bugs.

So, should we report such a memblock reservation API (ab)use to the log?
Are you actually sure that trim_low_memory_range is doing a sane and
really needed thing? In other words do we have a zone which contains
this no-memory backed pfns?

Michal Hocko

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