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SubjectLinux 4.9.55 break network setup because dhcp client gets an error

Just compiled a fresh 4.9.55, with same .config, same user space than
4.9.54 and discovered I had no network because ifup fails because dhcp
cleint fails. As everything is identical, 4.9.54 still works, I guess
one patch in net/core/... did break something.

ifup eth0
Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Client 4.3.5
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All rights reserved.
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Can't install packet filter program: Cannot allocate memory
If you think you have received this message due to a bug rather
than a configuration issue please read the section on submitting
bugs on either our web page at or in the README file
before submitting a bug. These pages explain the proper
process and the information we find helpful for debugging..

ifup: failed to bring up eth0

Ps: CC me I'm not subscribed


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