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SubjectRe: wl1251 & mac address & calibration data

> >> But overwriting that one file is not possible as it next update of
> >> linux-firmware package will overwrite it back. It break any normal usage
> >> of package management.
> >>
> >> Also it is ridiculously broken by design if some "boot" files needs to
> >> be overwritten to initialize hardware properly. To not break booting you
> >> need to overwrite that file before first boot. But without booting
> >> device you cannot read calibration data. So some hack with autoreboot
> >> after boot is needed.
> Providing the calibration data via Device Tree is the proper way to
> solve this. Yes yes, I know N900 doesn't support it but that's a
> deficiency in N900, not Linux.

Linux has to work with whatever hardware provides. You may not like
N900 design, but we have to support it, anyway.

(cesky, pictures)
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