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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 00/10] perf: arm64: Support for Hisilicon SoC Hardware event counters

On Tuesday 10 January 2017 11:13 PM, Mark Rutland wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, Jan 02, 2017 at 01:47:52AM -0500, Anurup M wrote:
>> ToDo:
>> 1) The counter overflow handling is currently unsupported in this
>> patch series.
> From a quick scan of the patches, I see mention of an interrupt in a
> comment the driver, but there's noething in the DT binding.
> Is there an overflow interrupt at all?
> Or do you need to implement polling to avoid overflow?
> This is a prerequisite for merging the driver.

The HiP0x chips support counter overflow interrupt for L3C and MN.
The HiP05/06 interrupts in CPU die use Hisilicon mbigen-v1, but the
driver is not available in mainline. So the L3C and MN PMU in HiP05/06
support counter overflow in driver.
As the support for HiP05/06 are not the prime focus now. I shall remove
from the patch series and shall plan to include them later.

For HiP07, as it use mbigen-v2, which is in mainline, I shall include
the overflow
handling support in the next revision (V4 series).


> Thanks,
> Mark.

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