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    SubjectRe: ANNOUNCE: mdadm 4.0 - A tool for managing md Soft RAID under Linux

    On 01/12/2017 12:59 AM, Jes Sorensen wrote:
    > On 01/11/17 11:52, Shaohua Li wrote:
    >> On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 11:49:04AM -0600, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
    >>> Jes Sorensen wrote:
    >>>> I am pleased to announce the availability of
    >>>> mdadm version 4.0
    >>>> It is available at the usual places:
    >>>> and via git at
    >>>> git://
    >>>> The update in major version number primarily indicates this is a
    >>>> release by it's new maintainer. In addition it contains a large number
    >>>> of fixes in particular for IMSM RAID and clustered RAID support. In
    >>>> addition this release includes support for IMSM 4k sector drives,
    >>>> failfast and better documentation for journaled RAID.
    >>> Thank you for the new release. Unfortunately I get 9 failures running the
    >>> test suite:
    >>> tests/00raid1... FAILED
    >>> tests/07autoassemble... FAILED
    >>> tests/07changelevels... FAILED
    >>> tests/07revert-grow... FAILED
    >>> tests/07revert-inplace... FAILED
    >>> tests/07testreshape5... FAILED
    >>> tests/10ddf-fail-twice... FAILED
    >>> tests/20raid5journal... FAILED
    >>> tests/10ddf-incremental-wrong-order... FAILED
    >> Yep, several tests usually fail. It appears some checks aren't always good. At
    >> least the 'check' function for reshape/resync isn't reliable in my test, I saw
    >> 07changelevelintr fails frequently.
    > That is my experience as well - some of them are affected by the kernel
    > version too. We probably need to look into making them more reliable.

    If possible, it could be a potential topic for lsf/mm raid discussion as
    Coly suggested
    in previous mail.

    Is current test can run the test for different raid level, say, "./test
    --raidtype=raid1" could
    execute all the *r1* tests, does it make sense to do it if we don't
    support it now.


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