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SubjectRe: [capabilities] Allow normal inheritance for a configurable set of capabilities

> > A key concept behind posix capabilities is that the privilege comes from
> > both the person and the file being executed. As you say below basically
> > anything can be executed by the program so that is completely violated.
> Well this patch does not change that. Its just that the file being
> executed can inherit the parent caps without having to set caps in the new
> executable.
> > Still, it's not that different from mmapping some arbitrary code and
> > jumping into it whlie retaining caps.
> Owww. Thats a pretty far jump from what this patch does.
> > Not saying this is a good idea necessarily, but worth thinking about.
> Well we keep on having actual problems with caps for long years now. We
> need a solution. This means a patch that solves the issue.

One solution is to put capabilities into the elf executable. I believe
there was patch for that. That means you don't need to add capability
support into filesystems...

Old documentation is at
(cesky, pictures)

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