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Subject[PATCH v2 memstick: support for legacy sony memsticks


I believe that I addressed most(all?) issues raised in the review, thus I
am resending the driver.

Changes from V1:

* Replaced explicit state numbers with enum items.
I agree that code is cleaner this way.

* Swithced to using a workqueue.
Unfortunelly, I still see that workqueue items are executed in parallel
I suspect that this happens if one work item sleeps. In this case I
don't want other work items to run too. I fixed this with a mutex, and anyway
it nice to have it to guaranteee this.

* moved sg_nents into scatterlist.c/h and put that in separate patch as

* Made functions static, fixed most whitespace issues (I hope all),
and I hope addressed all other comments by Andrew Morton.

Best regards,
Maxim Levitsky

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