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SubjectRe: [PATCH] usbhid: call report_fixup before comparing descriptors
On 09/18/12 09:16 N.U., Henrik Rydberg wrote:
> You can use dev_rdesc here instead.
Hi Henrik. Thanks for the tip. I tried comparing rdesc to hid->dev_rdesc
without any report_fixup call, but the problem (device nonfunctional
with "reset_resume error 1" message) still occurred. Upon looking at
hid_open_report, I noticed that it calls report_fixup on dev_rdesc
(pointer copied to "start") before it is kmemdup'd to rdesc. For most
HID drivers, the report_fixup method directly modifies and returns the
passed structure instead of returning a new pointer, so dev_rdesc is
also modified. Assuming that dev_rdesc is supposed to be the unmodified
data, I moved the report_fixup call in hid_open_report to after the
kmemdup. This combination successfully solves the original problem. I'll
submit a new patch version presently that addresses both points.

On 09/18/12 05:00 N.U., Sergei Shtylyov wrote:
> Your patch is whitespace damaged, i.e. has all tabs replaced by spaces.
Hi Sergei. Thanks for catching that. The munging problem was supposedly
fixed in Thunderbird years ago! I guess I'll just mail the new version
from the command line.


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