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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/22] Introducing the TI Keystone platform
    On Sun, Aug 05, 2012 at 04:10:34PM +0100, Cyril Chemparathy wrote:
    > On 8/4/2012 4:39 AM, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
    > > On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 07:04:36PM -0400, Cyril Chemparathy wrote:
    > >> This series is a follow on to the RFC series posted earlier (archived at [1]).
    > >> The major change introduced here is the modification to the kernel patching
    > >> mechanism for phys_to_virt/virt_to_phys, in order to support LPAE platforms
    > >> that require late patching. In addition to these changes, we've updated the
    > >> series based on feedback from the earlier posting.
    > >>
    > >> Most of the patches in this series are fixes and extensions to LPAE support on
    > >> ARM. The last three patches in this series are specific to the TI Keystone
    > >> platform, and are being provided here for the sake of completeness. These
    > >> three patches are dependent on the smpops patch set (see [2]), and are not
    > >> ready to be merged in as yet.
    > >
    > > Can you explain why you want the kernel loaded above the 4GB watermark?
    > > This seems silly to me, as the kernel needs to run at points with a 1:1
    > > physical to virtual mapping, and you can't do that if the kernel is
    > > stored in physical memory above the 4GB watermark.
    > We are well aware of the fact that we are barely scratching the surface
    > of the problem space here, and we'd be very thankful for a heads up on
    > issues that we may have missed so far.

    Another thing to be aware is that apart from a virtual alias between the
    kernel mapping and the idmap, you now introduce a physical alias as well
    and the caches (physically tagged) get confused.


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