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    SubjectRe: [3.5 regression] DRM: Massive (EDID-probing?) X startup delay on ATI Radeon RV770 (HD4870)
    On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 12:13 PM, Nix <> wrote:
    > Possibly-relevant info:
    > - Two DVI monitors, identical specs, one dual-head graphics card
    > (so no VGA switcheroo or awesome-yet-terrifying PRIME madness needed)
    > - KMS, Xserver 1.12.3, driver 6.14.6-28 (trunk current as of today),
    > Mesa 8.0.4, libdrm 2.4.37
    > As of kernel 3.5 EDID probing of the older of my two monitors appears to
    > have subtly broken. The log shows that it appears to work -- KMS comes
    > up OK and I get a working console -- but then X stops during startup for
    > nearly a minute (with both monitors black) before coming back to life
    > again and EDID-probing the monitor a further six times for no obvious
    > reason. (Full log attached, and xorg.conf, for what little use it is.)
    > Something appears to be wrong, but I have no idea what. I've not changed
    > anything other than the kernel since my last non-huge-delayed startup
    > earlier this week, and both the monitors still work, including the one
    > suffering a huge startup delay.

    Can you bisect the kernel or profile Xorg and see what's causing it?
    There haven't been any i2c changes in the radeon kernel driver in a
    while. I'm assuming it's only the kernel that you changed? E.g.,
    just to be sure, does booting a different kernel with the same
    userspace components work correctly?


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