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SubjectRe: UBI fastmap updates
On 08/02/2012 09:45 AM, Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
> Richard,
> On Thu, 2012-08-02 at 18:32 +0200, Richard Weinberger wrote:
>>> This should not happen. Fastmap should _reserve_ enough of PEBs for it
>>> to operate. It should always find the PEB to write.
>> What is the benefit?
>> IOW what is wrong with the current approach?
> Several reasons. The main is: fastmap will start consuming PEBs reserved
> for volumes when the amount of available PEBs is just enough to map all
> LEBs. This will break UBI liability.

I'm don't understand what "UBI liability" is. Can you please clarify?
What breaks if the PEBs get consumed?

>> Why?
>> If everything goes wrong, fastmap makes sure that no fastmap is on
>> flash.
>> In case of a powercut we fall back to scanning mode.
>> R/O mode is overkill IMHO.
> So can I interpret this the following way. Not only fastmap give no
> guarantees that it exists after an unclean reboot, it does not even give
> guarantees that it exists after a clean reboot.
> Unless I am confused, the fastmap design is over-simplified.

Fastmap is an optimization. Maybe I'm missing something, but
I'm not sure why, if the optimization stopped working, you
would want to reduce the functionality of the file system.

Tim Bird
Architecture Group Chair, CE Workgroup of the Linux Foundation
Senior Staff Engineer, Sony Network Entertainment

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