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Subject[RFC ebeam PATCH v2 0/3] new USB eBeam input driver

Second test-drive for a new USB input driver for eBeam

Following Dmitry's advice, i've remove device specific infrastructure.

Currently, only the Luidia eBeam classic projection model is supported.

Patch 1 and 2 are here to let the ebeam driver be choose to handle
the device instead of the generic-usb hid one (totally useless).

Patch 3 is the actual driver.
Some things to consider :
- I'm not familiar with kernel coding (i've based my work on
usbtouchscreen.c) so the code certainly contain flaws.
- There's 2 64/64-bits divisions needed, don't know how to handle that the
right way to be efficient and portable.
- There's 14 custom sysfs files. Yes.

The module run fine with a 3.3.6 and a 3.5.0 kernel.

Thanks for your help.

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