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    Subject3.5.x boot hang after conflicting fb hw usage <driver> vs VESA VGA - removing generic driver
    for <driver>, we have verified cases on inteldrmfb, radeondrmfb, and

    This is the last message displayed before the system hangs. This seems
    to be hitting a large number of users in Fedora, though certainly not
    everyone. This started happening with the 3.5 updates, and is still an
    issue. It appears to be a race condition, because various things have
    allowed boot to continue for some users, though there is no clear work
    around. Has anyone else run across this? Any ideas. For more
    background we have the following bugs:



    cirrusdrmfb <kvm>:

    It should be noted that the conflicting fb hw usage message is not new,
    it has been around for a while, but this is the last message seen before
    the hang.


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