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    SubjectRE: [PATCH V3 08/14] Tools: hv: Gather DNS information

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    > From: Greg KH []
    > Sent: Friday, August 17, 2012 12:51 PM
    > To: KY Srinivasan
    > Cc:;;
    > Subject: Re: [PATCH V3 08/14] Tools: hv: Gather DNS information
    > On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 06:32:19PM -0700, K. Y. Srinivasan wrote:
    > > Now, gather DNS information. Invoke an external script (that can be
    > > distro dependent) to gather the DNS information.
    > Where is that script? Why a script, this really isn't in a standard
    > method for all Linux distros? If not, why not work to do that like the
    > people have done for other system configuration items?

    We debated this issue on this mailing list for a long time. The consensus was that
    we would invoke external "distro" specific scripts for both configuring the interface
    as well as gathering information that could not be gathered in a distro independent
    fashion. That is what I have implemented here. This code specifies the interface to this
    external script. If these external scripts are not there, it is not fatal - on the SET side,
    the interface will not be configured and on the get side some attributes that are to be
    gathered via these external scripts will not be collected.


    K. Y

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