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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 09/19] Input: MT - Handle frame synchronization in core
    > For example, the new input_mt_init_slots() takes care of the
    > __set_bit() functions in one place. That is great. But, it requires
    > wacom_wac.c to be updated since it has an interface change. I guess
    > there are other drivers calling input_mt_init_slots as well.

    The default behavior in the "new" input_mt_init_slots(), i.e. with the
    zero flags argument added to all the drivers, is exactly the same as
    before. No further changes are necessary.

    Yes, some drivers could definitely start using some of the flags to
    good advantage, but there is no rush to make that happen. Such changes
    would of course involve the driver maintainers.

    > I was wondering if you plan to update all drivers after this patchset
    > is accepted or if you need us to chime in.

    Thank you, the best is definitely if you want to do it yourself. Let's
    just see where the latency-related work takes us first, since it might
    affect how to send data from drivers.

    > From what I see, frame/mt is only initialized when driver starts.
    > Frame will be increased by MT events while the driver running. If this
    > is true, won't it be possible the value gets too large?

    Yes, but as is apparent from the code, the semantics of that variable
    is not to count the number of frames since the dawn of times, but to
    keep track of changes per frame.


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