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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7] HID: picoLCD updates
    Hi Jiri,

    On Wed, 15 August 2012 Jiri Kosina <> wrote:
    > I see. Alan Stern has fixed a huge pile of things in this area in 3.6-rc1.
    > I have expected all of those to actually be on theoretical problems not
    > ever having happened in the wild, but it might be that you are actually
    > chasing on of those.
    > Could you please retest with latest Linus' tree (or at least eb055fd0560b)
    > to see whether this hasn't actually been fixed already by Alan's series?

    I've started trying that out, it seems Alan's work improved things.

    For the first few attempts I have not seen SLAB corruptions, though after
    a few rounds I hit accumulation of the following messages:
    [ 297.174828] hid-picolcd 0003:04D8:C002.0003: output queue full
    [ 297.181098] hid-picolcd 0003:04D8:C002.0003: output queue full
    [ 297.187820] hid-picolcd 0003:04D8:C002.0003: output queue full
    [ 297.194087] hid-picolcd 0003:04D8:C002.0003: output queue full

    with sporadically in between:
    [ 292.668019] hid-picolcd 0003:04D8:C002.0003: usb_submit_urb(out) failed: -1

    At first glance I think the queue filling up and never draining is caused
    by hid_hw_stop() stalling the queue and the time between both being just too
    Maybe me (un)binding on hid-picolcd driver level is the major cause of this
    and (un)binding at lower usb level would kill the queue thus preventing
    it just growing until full...

    Is there a proper way to do rate-limiting or throttling when submitting
    reports (which are the urbs deeper in the stack) and catch -ENODEV early
    while remove() is delayed for locking reasons?
    At least until 3.5 submitting reports provides no return value for driver
    which could convey errors like -ENODEV, -EBUSY.

    After a few bind-unbind iterations I have also hit a race in hid-picolcd
    with regard to fbdefio.
    That looks like chicken-egg release sequencing between hid-picolcd and
    fb_info subdev -- though I'm wondering how that happens as the only framebuffer
    user I know of - fbcon - should have stopped using it after
    unregister_framebuffer() returned and released the last reference!

    But that part can be improved rather easily with a new spinlock synchronizing
    interoperation between hid side and framebuffer side.


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