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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/2] net: connect to UNIX sockets from specified root
    On 08/10/2012 11:40 AM, Alan Cox wrote:
    > Agreed on open() for sockets.. the lack of open is a Berklix derived
    > pecularity of the interface. It would equally be useful to be able to
    > open "/dev/socket/ipv4/" and the like for scripts and stuff
    > That needs VFS changes however so you can pass the remainder of a path to
    > a device node. It also lets you do a lot of other sane stuff like
    > open /dev/ttyS0/9600/8n1

    Well, supporting device node subpaths would be nice, but I don't think
    that that is a requirement either for being able to open() a socket (as
    a Linux extension) nor for supporting something like your above
    /dev/socket/... since that could be done with a filesystem rather than
    just a device node.


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