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SubjectRe: Direct I/O bug in kernel
On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 4:53 AM, Victor Meyerson
<> wrote:
> I tried that patch, although I had to edit a slightly different line as dio_bio_alloc was near line 392 instead of 349 in the version of fs/direct-io.c in my tree. I still got different checksums between the two files and even different checksums from my earlier attempts.
> I am not sure if this helps, but Ralf asked if I can try a different page size to see if this problem occurs. I originally had CONFIG_PAGE_SIZE_4KB=y and changed it to CONFIG_PAGE_SIZE_16KB=y (via menuconfig). Having a page size of 16KB (and the above patch not applied) made the checksum on the files match each other and match the file made from the working kernel.

Thanks for tests, Victor.

Please elaborate on the role of page size in this case, Ralf.

Good Weekend

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