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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 1/3] mm: introduce compaction and migration for virtio ballooned pages
On 07/23/2012 02:19 PM, Rafael Aquini wrote:

> In a glance, I believe this whole dance you're suggesting might just be too much
> of an overcomplication, and the best approach would be simply teaching the
> hotplug bits about the ballooned corner case just like it's being done to
> compaction/migration. However, I'll look at it carefully before making any other
> adjustments/propositions over here.

Compaction and hotplug do essentially the same thing
here: "collect all the movable pages from a page block,
and move them elsewhere".

Whether or not it is easier for them to share code, or
to duplicate a few lines of code, is something that can
be looked into later.

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