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SubjectRe: BNX2 MIPS06 firmware in tree is 6.2.1, driver wants 6.2.3
On Tue, 2012-07-03 at 09:50 +0100, Tony Vroon wrote:
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> Good morning,
> As of mainline commit c2c20ef43d00b1439631e603f8dcee9a803cd8b3 in
> December 2011, the BNX2 driver requests bnx2/bnx2-mips-06-6.2.3.fw;
> however the firmware/bnx2 directory in the kernel sources only
> contains bnx2/bnx2-mips-06-6.2.1.fw so the call fails.
> The network interfaces will not come up at all, making it necessary to
> steal & rename 6.2.1 firmware to get the interfaces up, and then
> install a linux-firmware tarball. Before this commit, the bnx2 driver
> as compiled was self-sufficient.
> Would it be possible to get back to this situation by updating the
> relevant firmware/bnx2 files in the kernel sources please? I noticed
> this problem in an upgrade from 3.2.11 to 3.4.2, but I verified it is
> still an issue in mainline today.

You're supposed to upgrade firmware blobs on your own.;a=summary

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