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    Subject[BUG] hard LOCKUP occurred multiple times on linux 3.4
    Hi all,

    I've got several hard lockups on a system running kernel
    3.4-trunk-amd64, from debian package linux-image-3.4-trunk-amd64
    version 3.4.1-1~experimental.1

    Apparently the lockups happened when opening a gmail page in iceweasel
    (could possibly be related to google talk plugin, since I saw it
    mentioned on the stack traces page). When the lockup happens,
    keyboard, mouse, become non-functional (nothing could be typed,
    keyboard leds are not switchable, etc). Then system was running gnome,
    and for some time it was updating the current time on the gnome panel;
    after some time it switches to a text console full of stack traces.

    The system is built on ASUS motherboard P8Z77-V PRO, with Intel
    i5-2310 CPU and 16 GB memory.

    I've made some photos of the stacktraces, and you could see them at

    and I've typed the call trace from the photo, if that helps:

    Call Trace:
    <NMI> [<ffffffff81039697>] ? warn_slowpath_common+0x78/0x8c
    [<ffffffff81039743>] ? warn_slowpath_fmt+0x45/0x4a
    [<ffffffff8105fb9a>] ? sched_clock_cpu+0xb/0xc3
    [<ffffffff810136ed>] ? paravirt_read_tsc+0x5/0x8
    [<ffffffff8109307d>] ? watchdog_overflow_callback+0x93/0x9e
    [<ffffffff81092fea>] ? touch_nmi_watchdog+0x62/0x62
    [<ffffffff810b3551>] ? __perf_event_overflow+0x12c/0x1ae
    [<ffffffff8101a7c1>] ? x86_perf_event_set_period+0x101/0x10c
    [<ffffffff8101e44a>] ? intel_pmu_handle_irq+0x227/0x28a
    [<ffffffff8135a6cf>] ? nmi_handle.isra.0+0x3e/0x61
    [<ffffffff8135a79b>] ? do_nmi+0xa9/0x2a9
    [<ffffffff81359f3c>] ? end_repeat_nmi+0x1a/0x1e

    I hope that this could help finding and fixing a bug, if it is indeed
    a software bug rather than a hardware issue - which I hope it is not

    Please let me know (by email) if you need any further info.

    Best wishes,

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