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    SubjectRe: [BUG] NTFS code doesn't sanitize folder names sufficiently
    Marian Beermann wrote:
    > Hello everyone,
    > today I noticed some very odd behaviour, which could lead people to
    > believe a loss of data, because it is possible to create directories
    > with backslashes in them.
    > I am currently running kernel 3.5.
    > To completly reproduce the problem to the full extend you'll need a
    > Windows computer, but to see whats wrong Linux completly suffices :-)
    > On a Linux computer
    > 1. Create a directory named TestA on an NTFS partition
    > 2. Create a subdirectory of TestA named TestB
    > 3. Create a third directory alongside TestA named TestA\TestB (the
    > fundamental problem is this: backslashes in directory names)
    > Connect the drive containing the NTFS partition now to a Windows
    > computer and navigate to the directory containing TestA and
    > TestA\TestB. If you navigate to the folder (not path!) TestA\TestB
    > you'll actually see the contents of the path TestA\TestB (the
    > subfolder TestB) and not the contents of the directory.
    > It is not possible on a Windows machine to access the contents of the
    > directory named TestA\TestB. This is not a bug in Windows, it's caused
    > by a bug in the NTFS driver, which allows illegal characters.
    > The solution to this would be to disallow creation of files and
    > folders on NTFS drives containing illegal characters.
    > Best regards
    > Marian Beermann

    Yeah that's a tough one. I wouldn't exactly call it a bug. There's
    probably lots of stuff like this you could do that the command line
    would allow you to perform but not be a correct and intended function. I
    would put this down to user error rather than a bug. Anyone with
    knowledge of operating systems and file system structuring should know
    that / or \ are illegal characters for creating a directories. Whether
    it be on Windows or Linux.


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