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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/34] Memory management performance backports for -stable V2
    On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 02:38:13PM +0100, Mel Gorman wrote:
    > Changelog since V1
    > o Expand some of the notes (jrnieder)
    > o Correct upstream commit SHA1 (hugh)
    > This series is related to the new addition to stable_kernel_rules.txt
    > - Serious issues as reported by a user of a distribution kernel may also
    > be considered if they fix a notable performance or interactivity issue.
    > As these fixes are not as obvious and have a higher risk of a subtle
    > regression they should only be submitted by a distribution kernel
    > maintainer and include an addendum linking to a bugzilla entry if it
    > exists and additional information on the user-visible impact.
    > All of these patches have been backported to a distribution kernel and
    > address some sort of performance issue in the VM. As they are not all
    > obvious, I've added a "Stable note" to the top of each patch giving
    > additional information on why the patch was backported. Lets see where
    > the boundaries lie on how this new rule is interpreted in practice :).
    > Patch 1 Performance fix for tmpfs
    > Patch 2 Memory hotadd fix
    > Patch 3 Reduce boot time on large machines
    > Patches 4-5 Reduce stalls for wait_iff_congested
    > Patches 6-8 Reduce excessive reclaim of slab objects which for some workloads
    > will reduce the amount of IO required
    > Patches 9-10 limits the amount of page reclaim when THP/Compaction is active.
    > Excessive reclaim in low memory situations can lead to stalls some
    > of which are user visible.
    > Patches 11-19 reduce the amount of churn of the LRU lists. Poor reclaim
    > decisions can impair workloads in different ways and there have
    > been complaints recently the reclaim decisions of modern kernels
    > are worse than older ones.
    > Patches 20-21 reduce the amount of CPU kswapd uses in some cases. This
    > is harder to trigger but were developed due to bug reports about
    > 100% CPU usage from kswapd.
    > Patches 22-25 are mostly related to interactivity when THP is enabled.
    > Patches 26-30 are also related to page reclaim decisions, particularly
    > the residency of mapped pages.
    > Patches 31-34 fix a major page allocator performance regression
    > All of the patches will apply to 3.0-stable but the ordering of the
    > patches is such that applying them to 3.2-stable and 3.4-stable should
    > be straight-forward.

    I can't find any of these that should have gone to 3.4-stable, given
    that they all were included in 3.4 already, right?

    I've queued up the whole lot for the 3.0-stable tree, thanks so much for
    providing them.

    greg k-h

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