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    SubjectRe: [Patch 0/7] Per cpu thread hotplug infrastructure - V3
    2012/7/16 Thomas Gleixner <>:
    > The following series implements the infrastructure for parking and
    > unparking kernel threads to avoid the full teardown and fork on cpu
    > hotplug operations along with management infrastructure for hotplug
    > and users.
    > Changes vs. V2:
    > Use callbacks for all functionality. Thanks to Rusty for pointing
    > that out. It makes the use sites nice and simple and keeps all the
    > code which would be duplicated otherwise on the core.
    > Thanks,
    > tglx

    I'm just a kernel newbie, so I have a dumb question.
    Why this patchset doesn't include patch for migrationd in kernel/stop_machine.c?
    Is there any reason for that?

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