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SubjectWhat went in Linux 3.5 from Xen standpoint.

Linus released this Saturday v3.5 and there were quite a few
of interesting components/fixes/features that went in!

Going to go down the list of what shortlog provided:
- Less MSR traps when using AMD machines - so better performance. [andre]
- The APIC IPI interface works - which means that 'perf' in the initial
domain works. So no more lockups. Also with some tweaks, that means kdb
can work as well [ben]
- Static analyzer fixes in hvc [dan]
- The march to make HVM domains driver domains continue - the XenBus
in the initial domain can now search for it in another domain instead
of assuming its in the initial domain [daniel]. Marek also expanded netfront
to now work in initial domain. [marek]
- Memory reported by 'xm list' for the initial domain now matches what
the kernel has been booted with. In the past it would be around 1GB
less due to the kernel releasing memory that fall within
E820 gaps/PCI space [david and me]
- The bootup on two-socket or more of AMD cpus works correctly (I put
in a temporary way in v3.4) but Lin implemented the correct way [lin, jeremy and me]
- Make xen-blkfront capable of unloading. This requires some extra
infrastructure work to handle delayed grants [jan]
- Fixes in the hvc drivers for PVonHVM guests started with 'xm' (not xl!) would
fail during migration. [me]
- Fix in blkback with discard operation in 32/64 (so 32-bit guest, 64-bit dom0) mix would fail.
- Support for 'perf' to work in the initial domain [lin]
- PVonHVM guests on their reboot would not release properly event channels
so would consume additional memory [stefano]
- Make it possible for the upstream QEMU run in the initial domain along with
blkfront (and blkback) to allow QCOW images to be mapped [stefano]
- Fix for mulitple PCI domains to not crash during bootup [zhang]
- Fix to make FLR actually do properly FLR in xen-pciback. [me]

And the full list:

Andre Przywara (1):
xen/setup: filter APERFMPERF cpuid feature out

Ben Guthro (1):
xen: implement apic ipi interface

Dan Carpenter (1):
hvc_xen: NULL dereference on allocation failure

Daniel De Graaf (1):
xenbus: Add support for xenbus backend in stub domain

David Vrabel (1):
xen/setup: update VA mapping when releasing memory during setup

H. Peter Anvin (1):
xen-acpi-processor: Add missing #include <xen/xen.h>

Ingo Molnar (2):
x86/apic: Fix UP boot crash
x86/xen/apic: Add missing #include <xen/xen.h>

Jan Beulich (3):
xen/gnttab: add deferred freeing logic
xen-blkfront: properly name all devices
xen-blkfront: module exit handling adjustments

Jana Saout (1):
xen: Add selfballoning memory reservation tunable.

Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk (20):
xen/p2m: Move code around to allow for better re-usage.
xen/p2m: Allow alloc_p2m_middle to call reserve_brk depending on argument
xen/p2m: Collapse early_alloc_p2m_middle redundant checks.
xen/p2m: An early bootup variant of set_phys_to_machine
PCI: move mutex locking out of pci_dev_reset function
x86/apic: Replace io_apic_ops with x86_io_apic_ops.
xen/x86: Implement x86_apic_ops
Revert "xen/x86: Workaround 'x86/ioapic: Add register level checks to detect bogus io-apic entries'"
xen/setup: Only print "Freeing XXX-YYY pfn range: Z pages freed" if Z > 0
xen/setup: Populate freed MFNs from non-RAM E820 entries and gaps to E820 RAM
xen/setup: Combine the two hypercall functions - since they are quite similar.
xen/acpi/sleep: Enable ACPI sleep via the __acpi_os_prepare_sleep
xen/smp: unbind irqworkX when unplugging vCPUs.
xen/hvc: Collapse error logic.
xen/hvc: Fix error cases around HVM_PARAM_CONSOLE_PFN
xen/hvc: Check HVM_PARAM_CONSOLE_[EVTCHN|PFN] for correctness.
xen/events: Add WARN_ON when quick lookup found invalid type.
xen/balloon: Subtract from xen_released_pages the count that is populated.
xen/blkback: Copy id field when doing BLKIF_DISCARD.
xen/blkfront: Add WARN to deal with misbehaving backends.

Lin Ming (2):
xen/apic: implement io apic read with hypercall
xen: implement IRQ_WORK_VECTOR handler

Marek Marczykowski (1):
xen: do not disable netfront in dom0

Srivatsa Vaddagiri (1):
debugfs: Add support to print u32 array in debugfs

Stefano Stabellini (3):
xen: enter/exit lazy_mmu_mode around m2p_override calls
xen: do not map the same GSI twice in PVHVM guests.
xen: mark local pages as FOREIGN in the m2p_override

Zhang, Yang Z (1):
xen/pci: Check for PCI bridge before using it.

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