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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] Add Wondermedia Technologies (wmt) to docs/devicetree/vendor-bindings.txt
2012/7/17 Arnd Bergmann <>:
> It would also be helpful to describe why the specific string is used here.
> Normally we use the stock ticker symbol and "wmt" refers to Wal-Mart,
> which would be unlikely but not impossible to produce their own hardware
> in the future. The same thing applies to "via", which is VIACOM. The symbol
> for VIA technologies is "2388.TW", but that is not particularly descriptive
> or well-known.
> Maybe someone on the devicetree-discuss mailing list has a better
> suggestion. I think using "via" is probably the best compromise, as
> it's a well-known name and most of the components of the wondermedia
> chips were first made by VIA anyway.

In fact, "wmt" is the name that the vendor itself uses in their GPL
code (they also use mach-wmt as the arch-specific folder name). I
believe that we could just as well use the full "wondermedia" word to
avoid possible confusion, in case "wmt" is unacceptable for any


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