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    SubjectRe: [RFC 1/2] PCI-Express Non-Transparent Bridge Support
    Have you looked at any of the work that the PXI group has done on NTB
    support within PXI?

    I was on that working group, and one of the first capabilities I
    suggested for it was IP over NTB - I was going to implement this at my
    employer, but the project took a different turn and this idea got put on
    the back burner. I am glad somebody else has seen fit to take it up.

    Also, a stupid question but one I have to ask: have you taken into
    account the idea that the CPUs on each side of the NTB might have
    different endian-ness? I was looking at a case with a PPC on one side of
    the bridge and an X86 on the other.

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