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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/8] ntp: Fix STA_INS/DEL clearing bug

* John Stultz <> wrote:

> From: John Stultz <>
> In commit 6b43ae8a619d17c4935c3320d2ef9e92bdeed05d, I
> introduced a bug that kept the STA_INS or STA_DEL bit
> from being cleared from time_status via adjtimex()
> without forcing STA_PLL first.
> Usually once the STA_INS is set, it isn't cleared
> until the leap second is applied, so its unlikely this
> affected anyone. However during testing I noticed it
> took some effort to cancel a leap second once STA_INS
> was set.
> This issue affects 3.4 and up.
> Since this isn't urgent (issue is only observed in testing,
> the behavior doesn't affect ntpd, nor is a leapsecond due
> for at least ~6 months), and we're late in the 3.5-rc
> cycle, I'm holding this off for 3.6 merge window,
> where I'll then backport to 3.5-stable and 3.4-stable.

> CC:

We generally don't do such a workflow. Either it's valid for
tip:timers/urgent and it can have a -stable tag, or it should
not be backported, and not have a -stable tag.

The rule is: if it's important enough for -stable then it's
doubly important for the current -rc kernel!



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