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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mm: don't invoke __alloc_pages_direct_compact when order 0
On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 12:24:41AM +0900, JoonSoo Kim wrote:
> > That would be functionally similar to your patch but it will preserve git
> > blame, churn less code and be harder to make mistakes with in the unlikely
> > event a third call to alloc_pages_direct_compact is ever added.
> Your suggestion looks good.
> But, the size of page_alloc.o is more than before.
> I test 3 approaches, vanilla, always_inline and
> wrapping(alloc_page_direct_compact which is your suggestion).
> In my environment (v3.5-rc5, gcc 4.6.3, x86_64), page_alloc.o shows
> below number.
> total, .text section, .text.unlikely
> page_alloc_vanilla.o: 93432, 0x510a, 0x243
> page_alloc_inline.o: 93336, 0x52ca, 0xa4
> page_alloc_wrapping.o: 93528, 0x515a, 0x238
> Andrew said that inlining add only 26 bytes to .text of page_alloc.o,
> but in my system, need more bytes.
> Currently, I think this patch doesn't have obvious benefit, so I want
> to drop it.
> Any objections?

No objections to dropping the patch. It was at worth looking at so thanks
for that.

Mel Gorman

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