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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4 0/4] Add ability to set defaultless network device MAC addresses to deterministic computed locally administered values
On 10/07/12 20:37, the mail apparently from Florian Fainelli included:

Hi -

> Le jeudi 05 juillet 2012 04:44:33, Andy Green a écrit :
>> The following series adds some code to generate legal, locally administered
>> MAC addresses from OMAP4 CPU Die ID fuse data, and then adds a helper at
>> net/ethernet taking care of accepting device path / MAC mapping
>> registrations and running a notifier to enforce the requested MAC when the
>> matching network device turns up.
> This looks like something you can solve by user-space entirely. Expose the

That might seem so from a openwrt perspective, where you custom cook the
whole userland thing per-device, but it ain't so from a generic rootfs

Why should Ubuntu, Fedora etc stink up their OSes with Panda-specific
workarounds? And Panda is not the only device with this issue.

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