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SubjectRe: 3.4.x regression: rtl8169: frequent resets

On Thursday 28 June 2012, Francois Romieu wrote:
> Nix <> :
> > I recently upgraded from 3.3.x to 3.4.4, and am now experiencing
> > networking problems with my desktop box's r8169 card. The symptoms are
> > that all traffic ceases for five to ten seconds, then the card appears
> > to reset and everything is back to normal -- until it happens again. It
> > can happen quite a lot:
> Can you try and revert 036dafa28da1e2565a8529de2ae663c37b7a0060 ?
> I would welcome a complete dmesg including the XID line from the
> r8169 driver.

r8169 0000:04:00.0: eth0: RTL8168d/8111d at 0xffffc90000c72000, 00:24:1d:72:7c:75, XID 081000c0 IRQ 44
r8169 0000:05:00.0: eth1: RTL8168d/8111d at 0xffffc90000c70000, 00:24:1d:72:7c:77, XID 081000c0 IRQ 45

Kernel 3.4.4 with 036dafa28da1e2565a8529de2ae663c37b7a0060 (r8169: add
byte queue limit support) reverted is now running just about 60 hours
on the afformentioned hardware. No traces of "NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0
(r8169): transmit queue 0 timed out" so far, while it usually triggers
within an hour (5 hours at most) with plain 3.4.4 on that system.

Stefan Lippers-Hollmann

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