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    SubjectRe: AutoNUMA15

    > >
    > > Thanks! but the Linus tree I tested has contained the patch,
    > > also I tested it in autunuma15 with the patch just now, and
    > > the panic is still alive, so maybe it's a new issues...
    > I guess this 74a5ce20e6eeeb3751340b390e7ac1d1d07bbf55 or this
    > 8e7fbcbc22c12414bcc9dfdd683637f58fb32759 may have introduced a
    > problem
    > with sgp->power being null.

    I have tested the kernel after removing the two commit 74a5ce20e6ee & 8e7fbcbc22c1241,
    but unluckily, the panic is still alive, so I think it's maybe not
    related to the two commit, and I will do more investigating to check
    what introduced the panic, please let me know if you need me to test
    the special commit.


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