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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] c_can_pci: generic module for c_can on PCI
> I am late to the discussion, is there any specific reason to maintain a
> separate platform file (c_can_pci.c).

Because it depends on pci and ifdef is bad.

> I think 90% of the code is copied from c_can_paltform.c, code
> changes will be less if you merge to existing c_can platform driver.

Yes, but then we need to ifdef around, which merges two bad files
into a single but worse file.

But since the only current user of c_can is the platform device, why
not merging the platform with the core and having pci just register a
platform device? The only problem I see is that we need cooperation,
because neither me nor federico have a c_can equipped board besides
the pci one.


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