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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] i2c: tegra: Bug fixes, cleanups and M_NOSTART support
On 06/05/2012 07:09 AM, Laxman Dewangan wrote:
> This patch series having the:
> - Handling of late register write due to Tegra PPSB design.
> - support for I2C_M_NOSTART
> - Use devm_* for all allocation.

The series,

Acked-by: Stephen Warren <>

Note that patch 4 touches context adjacent to Prashant's "i2c: tegra:
Add clk_prepare/clk_unprepare" patch, which I hope to take through the
Tegra tree since it's a requirement for the Tegra common clock
conversion. I don't think this will cause any significant conflict, but
perhaps it's worth resolving it explicitly.

Wolfram, perhaps we should put these 4 patches and Prashan'ts into their
own topic branch so that you can merge it into the I2C tree, and I can
merge it into the Tegra tree too? Or, I can take everything through
Tegra if you want, and ack it.

Laxman, do you expect any more I2C-related changes this kernel cycle?

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