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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5] Some vmevent fixes...
On Mon, Jun 04, 2012 at 04:05:05PM -0400, KOSAKI Motohiro wrote:
> >Yes, nobody throws Android lowmemory killer away. And recently I fixed
> >a bunch of issues in its tasks traversing and killing code. Now it's
> >just time to "fix" statistics gathering and interpretation issues,
> >and I see vmevent as a good way to do just that, and then we
> >can either turn Android lowmemory killer driver to use the vmevent
> >in-kernel API (so it will become just a "glue" between notifications
> >and killing functions), or use userland daemon.
> Huh? No? android lowmem killer is a "killer". it doesn't make any notification,
> it only kill memory hogging process. I don't think we can merge them.

KOSAKI, you don't read what I write. I didn't ever say that low memory
killer makes any notifications, that's not what I was saying. I said
that once we'll have a good "low memory" notification mechanism (e.g.
vmevent), Android low memory killer would just use this mechanism. Be
it userland notifications or in-kernel, doesn't matter much.

Anton Vorontsov

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