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SubjectRe: [PATCH] slimbus: Linux driver framework for SLIMbus.
> Slim?
SLIMbus is MIPI alliance specification. Since word "bus" is part of the
specification, I thought it will be good to keep it that way.

The specification is available to all MIPI members.
Some more info here:

>> +and the messages can be of unicast and broadcast type. E.g.
>> reading/writing
>> +device specific values is typically a unicast message. A data channel
>> +reconfiguration sequence is announced to all devices using a broadcast
>> message.
> Unicast messages are seen by all devices?
I was trying to give example of each type of both message. I will reword
it to be more clear.

>> +Slimbus specification has different types of device classifications
>> based on
>> +their capabilities.
> I'm trying to figure out if that sentence conveys any information at all.
I will reword this to say: "has following type of device classifications
based on capabilities:".

> So each slimbus has 1 manager device that enumerates configures, and
> allocates channels for the other devices on the bus. The rest are
> "framer" devices that transmit data packets?
Typically there is 1 framer per bus, but if there are multiple framers
then manager is responsible for doing handoff between framers.
> However, I expect some example code would be far more useful than this
> document...
Please refer to slimbus.c for slimbus framework.

Thank you for your comments. I will address all the comments in the next


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