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    SubjectRe: processes hung after sys_renameat, and 'missing' processes
    On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 3:36 PM, Dave Jones <> wrote:
    > It's still up and in this state if you want me to gather any further info
    > before I reboot it.

    You seem to have lockdep enabled, since I see the lock information,
    but presumably you didn't get a lockdep splat before this?

    Also, sysrq-w is usually way more interesting than 't' when there are
    processes stuck on a mutex.

    Because yes, it looks like you have a boattload of trinity processes
    stuck on an inode mutex. Looks like every single one of them is in
    'lock_rename()'. It *shouldn't* be an ABBA deadlock, since lockdep
    should have noticed that, but who knows.

    It looks like the lock information is somewhat truncated. I suspect
    the dmesg buffer had filled up with all the task data.

    Can you do just "sysrq-d" for the lock information (and maybe
    separately "sysrq-w" for the blocked tasks)? The non-truncated lock
    data might tell us more.


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