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SubjectRe: AF_BUS socket address family
On 06/29/2012 10:45 AM, Vincent Sanders wrote:
> This series adds the bus address family (AF_BUS) it is against
> net-next as of yesterday.
> AF_BUS is a message oriented inter process communication system.
> The principle features are:
> - Reliable datagram based communication (all sockets are of type
> - Multicast message delivery (one to many, unicast as a subset)
> - Strict ordering (messages are delivered to every client in the same order)
> - Ability to pass file descriptors
> - Ability to pass credentials

I haven't had time to look at the code yet, but if you haven't already
I'd like to propose adding the ability for someone with suitable
privileges to eavesdrop on all communications. We've been using
something similar to this (essentially a simplified multicast unix
datagram protocol) for many years now and having a tcpdump-like ability
is very useful for debugging.


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