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SubjectRe: [PATCH] UBI: add minimal amount of reserved erase blocks in Kconfig
2012/6/29 Artem Bityutskiy <>:
>> I was thinking that instead of giving to ubiattach the MBB, we could
>> give it the MBB percentage (maximum bad blocks percentage of the whole
>> flash device).
>> From this % and the whole flash size, we get the MBB number, and set
>> beb_rsvd_level for each MTD part.
> Well, I thought that it may be not flexible enough for some people,
> because you cannot give 1.5%, since flaoting-point arithmetic in the
> kernel is not used.
So there's 2 ways to bypass that :
- use per-1024 instead of percent => the default value would be 20.
- let ubiattach do the conversion from MBB% to MBB
I like the 1st one because it gives a number close to what we have in
the datasheets.
What do you think ?

for me, ck means con kolivas and not calvin klein... does it mean I'm a geek ?

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