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SubjectRe: memcg: cat: memory.memsw.* : Operation not supported
Hello, KAME.

On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 01:04:16PM +0900, Kamezawa Hiroyuki wrote:
> >I still wish it's folded into CONFIG_MEMCG and conditionalized just on
> >
> In old days, memsw controller was not very stable. So, we devided the config.
> And, it makes size of memory for swap-device double (adds 2bytes per swapent.)
> That is the problem.

I see. Do you think it's now reasonable to drop the separate config
option? Having memcg enabled but swap unaccounted sounds half-broken
to me.

> that time, we made decision, cgroup has no feature to
> 'create files dynamically'. Then, we made it in static, decision was done
> at compile time and ignores "do_swap_account".
> Now, IIUC, we have the feature. So, it's may be a time to create the file
> with regard to "do_swap_account", making decision at boot time.

Heh, yeah, maybe I'm confused about how it happened. Anyways, let's
get it fixed.



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