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Subjectlinux-next: manual merge of the hid tree with Linus' tree
Hi Jiri,

Today's linux-next merge of the hid tree got a conflict in
drivers/hid/Kconfig between commit 1f41a6a99476 ("HID: Fix the generic
Kconfig options") from Linus' tree and commit 1ccd7a2a33f2 ("HID: uhid:
introduce user-space I/O driver support for HID") from the hid tree.

Just context changes. I fixed it up (see below) and can carry the fix as
Stephen Rothwell

diff --cc drivers/hid/Kconfig
index bef04c1,96ac310..0000000
--- a/drivers/hid/Kconfig
+++ b/drivers/hid/Kconfig
@@@ -53,6 -59,32 +53,27 @@@ config HIDRA

If unsure, say Y.

+ config UHID
+ tristate "User-space I/O driver support for HID subsystem"
+ depends on HID
+ default n
+ ---help---
+ Say Y here if you want to provide HID I/O Drivers from user-space.
+ This allows to write I/O drivers in user-space and feed the data from
+ the device into the kernel. The kernel parses the HID reports, loads the
+ corresponding HID Device Driver or provides input devices on top of your
+ user-space device.
+ This driver cannot be used to parse HID-reports in user-space and write
+ special HID-drivers. You should use hidraw for that.
+ Instead, this driver allows to write the transport-layer driver in
+ user-space like USB-HID and Bluetooth-HID do in kernel-space.
+ If unsure, say N.
+ To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
+ module will be called uhid.
-source "drivers/hid/usbhid/Kconfig"
-menu "Special HID drivers"
- depends on HID
tristate "Generic HID driver"
depends on HID
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