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Subject[BUG, Regression, bisected] Marvell 88E8055 NIC (sky2) fails to detect carrier after resume from S3
Note: Please CC me into replies, I'm not subscribed. Thank you.

I'm the reporter of Ubuntu bug 1007841
<> and would
like to bring attention to it here, since it's in upstream kernel as well.
You can find all details collected by apport there. The gist of the
problem is, since around 3.2 (I haven't kept up-to-date and mostly used
2.6.35 on the machine), whenever I wake up the laptop from S3 by opening
the lid, the NIC loses carrier detection and it's reported as always down.

I have done bisection (my first, so don't automatically assume it's done
correctly ;-) and have found the offending commit to be:

commit 7afe1845dd1e7c90828c942daed7e57ffa7c38d6
Author: Sameer Nanda <>
Date: Mon Jul 25 17:13:29 2011 -0700

init: skip calibration delay if previously done

Hence, CCing author.
Let me know if I should supply any more info.

Best Regards,
Michal Zatloukal

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