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    SubjectRe: Question about the export of symbol lockdep_init_map
    On Sun, 2012-06-24 at 12:41 -0500, Larry Finger wrote:
    > Ingo,
    > when you added the locking correctness validator code in commit fbb9ce95, you
    > exported lockdep_init_map() with EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL. This choice is causing a
    > problem with the latest version of Broadcom's hybrid wl driver. Although I do
    > not agree with their policies regarding drivers with binary blobs, there are
    > some devices such as the BCM43228 (14e4:4359) for which no open-source driver is
    > yet available. As a result, owners of such devices are forced to use solutions
    > such as ndiswrapper, which is worse than using wl.
    > would you accept the following patch?
    > Index: wireless-testing/kernel/lockdep.c
    > ===================================================================
    > --- wireless-testing.orig/kernel/lockdep.c
    > +++ wireless-testing/kernel/lockdep.c
    > @@ -2994,7 +2994,7 @@ void lockdep_init_map(struct lockdep_map
    > if (subclass)
    > register_lock_class(lock, subclass, 1);
    > }
    > -EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL(lockdep_init_map);
    > +EXPORT_SYMBOL(lockdep_init_map);
    > struct lock_class_key __lockdep_no_validate__;

    I can't speak for Ingo, but I would object to it. Owners of such devices
    can send them back to wherever they got them from and demand a refund.

    Loading binary blobs pretty much wrecks your kernel validation anyway,
    who knows what they do.

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