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    SubjectRe: get_unused_fd and get_unused_fd_flags
    > Details of that "have to", please.  Note that existing modular uses of
    > get_unused_fd() tend to be rather fishy; if anything, I'd expect
    > get_unused_fd() eventually becoming internal-only, if we manage to
    > pull that off.

    I've got it. I'm backporting the dma-buf (drivers/base/dma-buf.c)
    feature to kernels < 3.3. It is actually pretty straightforward except
    a single call to get_unused_fd_flags() from dma_buf_fd(). Then
    get_unused_fd_flags() macro resolves to alloc_fd() which is not

    Maybe I should backport alloc_fd and rename it to sth like
    compat_alloc_fd and use that instead of alloc_fd in compat. What I was
    trying to understand was the reason behind exporting/not-exporting
    those similar wrappers. I don't try to justify that it should be
    exported for me :)


    Ozan Çağlayan
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