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SubjectRe: mmotm 2012-06-21-16-20 uploaded
On Thu, 21 Jun 2012 16:21:49 -0700 wrote:

> The mm-of-the-moment snapshot 2012-06-21-16-20 has been uploaded to

Exciting updates to

: The directory (mm-of-the-second)
: contains daily snapshots of the -mm tree. It is updated more frequently
: than mmotm, and is untested.

It takes me 1.5 hours to 1.5 days to do a -mm release, depending on how
many screwups people have been merging and sending. This makes the
releases less frequent than I'd like.

So I will do daily dumps of the -mm patches into They are the same as the mmotm
patches (use the same script), except they will be unannounced and

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