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SubjectRe: [PATCH -mm 4/7] mm: make page colouring code generic
On 06/21/2012 08:37 AM, Borislav Petkov wrote:

>> -unsigned long align_addr(unsigned long addr, struct file *filp,
>> - enum align_flags flags)
>> +unsigned long arch_align_addr(unsigned long addr, struct file *filp,
>> + unsigned long pgoff, unsigned long flags,
>> + enum mmap_allocation_direction direction)
> Arguments vertical alignment too, not only addr alignment :-)

Will do.

>> {
>> - unsigned long tmp_addr;
>> + unsigned long tmp_addr = PAGE_ALIGN(addr);
> I'm guessing addr coming from arch_get_unmapped_area(_topdown) might not
> be page-aligned in all cases?

That is my guess, too :)

In some places arch_get_unmapped_area(_topdown) called
PAGE_ALIGN(addr), so we should make sure it is called.

It is probably masking bugs in some old old application,
and calling it here really should not hurt.

>> - if (!(current->flags& PF_RANDOMIZE))
>> - return addr;
>> + /* Always allow MAP_FIXED. Colouring is a performance thing only. */
>> + if (flags& MAP_FIXED)
>> + return tmp_addr;
> Why here? Maybe we should push this MAP_FIXED check up in the
> arch_get_unmapped_area(_topdown) and not call arch_align_addr() for
> MAP_FIXED requests?
> Or do you want to save some code duplication?

The problem is that certain other architectures have
data cache alignment requirements, where mis-aligning
somebody's mmap of a file could result in actual data

This means that, for those architectures, we have to
refuse non-colour-aligned MAP_FIXED mappings.

On x86 we can allow them, so we do. But that decision
needs to be taken in architecture specific code, not
in the shared arch_get_unmapped_area(_topdown) :)

>> + /*
>> + * When aligning down, make sure we did not accidentally go up.
>> + * The caller will check for underflow.
>> + */
> Can we add this comment to the x86-64 version of arch_align_addr too pls?

Will do.

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