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    SubjectRe: Accounting problem of MIGRATE_ISOLATED freed page
    On 06/20/2012 03:32 PM, KOSAKI Motohiro wrote:

    > (6/20/12 2:12 AM), Minchan Kim wrote:
    >> Hi Aaditya,
    >> I want to discuss this problem on another thread.
    >> On 06/19/2012 10:18 PM, Aaditya Kumar wrote:
    >>> On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 6:13 AM, Minchan Kim <> wrote:
    >>>> On 06/17/2012 02:48 AM, Aaditya Kumar wrote:
    >>>>> On Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 12:57 PM, Minchan Kim <> wrote:
    >>>>>>> pgdat_balanced() doesn't recognized zone. Therefore kswapd may sleep
    >>>>>>> if node has multiple zones. Hm ok, I realized my descriptions was
    >>>>>>> slightly misleading. priority 0 is not needed. bakance_pddat() calls
    >>>>>>> pgdat_balanced()
    >>>>>>> every priority. Most easy case is, movable zone has a lot of free pages and
    >>>>>>> normal zone has no reclaimable page.
    >>>>>>> btw, current pgdat_balanced() logic seems not correct. kswapd should
    >>>>>>> sleep only if every zones have much free pages than high water mark
    >>>>>>> _and_ 25% of present pages in node are free.
    >>>>>> Sorry. I can't understand your point.
    >>>>>> Current kswapd doesn't sleep if relevant zones don't have free pages above high watermark.
    >>>>>> It seems I am missing your point.
    >>>>>> Please anybody correct me.
    >>>>> Since currently direct reclaim is given up based on
    >>>>> zone->all_unreclaimable flag,
    >>>>> so for e.g in one of the scenarios:
    >>>>> Lets say system has one node with two zones (NORMAL and MOVABLE) and we
    >>>>> hot-remove the all the pages of the MOVABLE zone.
    >>>>> While migrating pages during memory hot-unplugging, the allocation function
    >>>>> (for new page to which the page in MOVABLE zone would be moved) can end up
    >>>>> looping in direct reclaim path for ever.
    >>>>> This is so because when most of the pages in the MOVABLE zone have
    >>>>> been migrated,
    >>>>> the zone now contains lots of free memory (basically above low watermark)
    >>>>> BUT all are in MIGRATE_ISOLATE list of the buddy list.
    >>>>> So kswapd() would not balance this zone as free pages are above low watermark
    >>>>> (but all are in isolate list). So zone->all_unreclaimable flag would
    >>>>> never be set for this zone
    >>>>> and allocation function would end up looping forever. (assuming the
    >>>>> zone NORMAL is
    >>>>> left with no reclaimable memory)
    >>>> Thanks a lot, Aaditya! Scenario you mentioned makes perfect.
    >>>> But I don't see it's a problem of kswapd.
    >>> Hi Kim,
    >> I like called Minchan rather than Kim
    >> Never mind. :)
    >>> Yes I agree it is not a problem of kswapd.
    >> Yeb.
    >>>> a5d76b54 made new migration type 'MIGRATE_ISOLATE' which is very irony type because there are many free pages in free list
    >>>> but we can't allocate it. :(
    >>>> It doesn't reflect right NR_FREE_PAGES while many places in the kernel use NR_FREE_PAGES to trigger some operation.
    >>>> Kswapd is just one of them confused.
    >>>> As right fix of this problem, we should fix hot plug code, IMHO which can fix CMA, too.
    >>>> This patch could make inconsistency between NR_FREE_PAGES and SumOf[free_area[order].nr_free]
    >>> I assume that by the inconsistency you mention above, you mean
    >>> temporary inconsistency.
    >>> Sorry, but IMHO as for memory hot plug the main issue with this patch
    >>> is that the inconsistency you mentioned above would NOT be a temporary
    >>> inconsistency.
    >>> Every time say 'x' number of page frames are off lined, they will
    >>> introduce a difference of 'x' pages between
    >>> NR_FREE_PAGES and SumOf[free_area[order].nr_free].
    >>> (So for e.g. if we do a frequent offline/online it will make
    >>> NR_FREE_PAGES negative)
    >>> This is so because, unset_migratetype_isolate() is called from
    >>> offlining code (to set the migrate type of off lined pages again back
    >>> after the pages have been off lined and removed from the buddy list.
    >>> Since the pages for which unset_migratetype_isolate() is called are
    >>> not buddy pages so move_freepages_block() does not move any page, and
    >>> thus introducing a permanent inconsistency.
    >> Good point. Negative NR_FREE_PAGES is caused by double counting by my patch and __offline_isolated_pages.
    >> I think at first MIGRATE_ISOLATE type freed page shouldn't account as free page.
    >>>> and it could make __zone_watermark_ok confuse so we might need to fix move_freepages_block itself to reflect
    >>>> free_area[order].nr_free exactly.
    >>>> Any thought?
    >>> As for fixing move_freepages_block(), At least for memory hot plug,
    >>> the pages stay in MIGRATE_ISOLATE list only for duration
    >>> offline_pages() function,
    >>> I mean only temporarily. Since fixing move_freepages_block() for will
    >>> introduce some overhead, So I am not very sure whether that overhead
    >>> is justified
    >>> for a temporary condition. What do you think?
    >> Yes. I don't like hurt fast path, either.
    >> How about this? (Passed just compile test :( )
    >> The patch's goal is to NOT increase nr_free and NR_FREE_PAGES about freed page into MIGRATE_ISOLATED.
    >> This patch hurts high order page free path but I think it's not critical because higher order allocation
    >> is rare than order-0 allocation and we already have done same thing on free_hot_cold_page on order-0 free path
    >> which is more hot.
    > Can't we change zone_water_mark_ok_safe() instead of page allocator? memory hotplug is really rare event.


    Firstly, I want to make zone_page_state(z, NR_FREE_PAGES) itself more accurately because it is used by
    several places. As I looked over places, I can't find critical places except kswapd forever sleep case.
    So it's a nice idea!

    In that case, we need zone->lock whenever zone_watermark_ok_safe is called.
    Most of cases, it's unnecessary and it might hurt alloc/free performance when memory pressure is high.
    But if memory pressure is high, it may be already meaningless alloc/free performance.
    So it does make sense, IMHO.

    Please raise your hands if anyone has a concern about this.

    barrios@bbox:~/linux-next$ git diff
    diff --git a/mm/page_alloc.c b/mm/page_alloc.c
    index d2a515d..82cc0a2 100644
    --- a/mm/page_alloc.c
    +++ b/mm/page_alloc.c
    @@ -1748,16 +1748,38 @@ bool zone_watermark_ok(struct zone *z, int order, unsigned long mark,
    zone_page_state(z, NR_FREE_PAGES));

    -bool zone_watermark_ok_safe(struct zone *z, int order, unsigned long mark,
    +bool zone_watermark_ok_safe(struct zone *z, int alloc_order, unsigned long mark,
    int classzone_idx, int alloc_flags)
    + struct free_area *area;
    + struct list_head *curr;
    + int order;
    + unsigned long flags;
    long free_pages = zone_page_state(z, NR_FREE_PAGES);

    if (z->percpu_drift_mark && free_pages < z->percpu_drift_mark)
    free_pages = zone_page_state_snapshot(z, NR_FREE_PAGES);

    - return __zone_watermark_ok(z, order, mark, classzone_idx, alloc_flags,
    - free_pages);
    + /*
    + * Memory hotplug/CMA can isolate freed page into MIGRATE_ISOLATE
    + * so that buddy can't allocate it although they are in free list.
    + */
    + spin_lock_irqsave(&z->lock, flags);
    + for (order = 0; order < MAX_ORDER; order++) {
    + int count = 0;
    + area = &(z->free_area[order]);
    + if (unlikely(!list_empty(&area->free_list[MIGRATE_ISOLATE]))) {
    + list_for_each(curr, &area->free_list[MIGRATE_ISOLATE])
    + count++;
    + free_pages -= (count << order);
    + }
    + }
    + if (free_pages < 0)
    + free_pages = 0;
    + spin_unlock_irqrestore(&z->lock, flags);
    + return __zone_watermark_ok(z, alloc_order, mark,
    + classzone_idx, alloc_flags, free_pages);

    #ifdef CONFIG_NUMA

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    Kind regards,
    Minchan Kim

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